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Target’s Most Popular Toys Of 2021 List Is Here

Time to start making your shopping list.

There is nothing that stresses me out more than having a to-do list hanging over my head, so when the holidays roll around, the earlier I can get my shopping done, the better. Lucky for me, Target’s most popular toys of 2021 list is here to serve as my shopping guide. It has everything from Bluey sets to LEGOs to family games, so I have plenty of options for filling up the space under my family’s Christmas tree.

I am a mom of a toddler and preschooler and my nieces and nephews range in age from 6 to 12, so I have a lot of different age groups to shop for. My oldest nephew’s interests lie in all things tech, my twin nieces have polar opposite interests, my youngest nephew is growing out of his love for Toy Story, and my oldest niece is a blossoming basketball star, so there is absolutely no one-size-fits-all toy for all of these kids. Needless to say, Target’s most popular toys of 2021 list is a small miracle for someone like me who is shopping for kids who are definitely in touch with what the hottest toys of the season will be, and hoping to unwrap them come the holiday season.

If you’re in the same boat, wanting to get your holiday shopping underway but with no idea where to start, here are the toys Target says will be a hit this year.

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Storytelling Toys For Pretend-Play

Kids can have their own pretend ice cream shop with this Ice Cream Truck Set from B. Toys that includes a scoop, two cones, six ice cream scoops, and a little truck to store everything away in. They can pile the ice cream up six scoops high if they want, because they’re designed to stack on top of each other (and at least this won’t give them a tummy ache). It’s easy to see how this item wins a spot on Target’s most popular toys of 2021 list. Kids love to pretend play, and who doesn’t love going to an ice cream shop?

Preschoolers can get ahead with this program that helps them master their letters, broaden their vocabulary, practice writing, and more. Aside from an iPad, this set comes with everything your kid needs to do a bunch of fun, educational activities.

Older LEGO fans who love a good challenge will enjoy this bird of paradise kit which includes more than 1,000 pieces. Given its complexity, it’s definitely an advanced-level kit and is best for teens and young adults, especially with the many small pieces included in the kit.

Kinetic sand is so cool because it can be molded and shaped like wet sand on the beach, except without all of the dirt that comes along with it. Kids get two pounds of multi-colored sand in this case as well as a variety of accessories that can be used to help build masterpieces as well as to add a little sparkle and decor to the finished projects. When the kids are done playing, everything packs up nicely into the little sandbox carrying case and can be stowed away until next time.

Best Imaginative Toys

Ryan’s World continues to be a big deal (there’s a reason why something from the brand has earned a spot on almost every hot holiday toy list for the past few years), and this 13-piece treasure chest will be a hit for kids who are fans of Ryan and his show. Some of the contents of the chest are a surprise, so after the joy of unwrapping the present, your kiddo recipient will then get to experience the exhilaration of unboxing it further.

Inspire Dreams and Creativity

Fans of Bluey can go on a camping adventure with her and her friend Jean Luc with this little camper set. It comes with nine pieces including Bluey and Jean Luc figurines, a table and chairs, a little campfire, stickers, and more. When it’s not in use, all of the pieces can be packed up and stored away in the camper until the next time the kids are ready to play. If the show’s popularity is any indication, Bluey toys are definitely going to be one of the hottest toys of the holiday season.

Toys For Active Kids

Family-Friendly Boardgames & More

Throw Throw Avocado is fun for kids seven years old and up, lasts about 10 minutes, and can be played by 2-6 players, making it a great choice for family game night (and a holiday gift, of course). The game consists of playing cards that help keep things moving as well as two plush avocados that are used like dodgeballs.

Inspire Future Gamers