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Target Is Totally Here For You This New Year's Eve & New Year's Day

You'll have everything you need to ring in the New Year.

Whether you need some last-minute bubbly and streamers to celebrate the (much anticipated) end of 2020 or you wake up in 2021 surprised to discover that you're down to your last few diapers, your need to shop in-person can be difficult to navigate on holidays. Thankfully, Target's New Year's Eve and New Year's Day store hours offer plenty of opportunities for you to run out to get what you need. You always count on that red bullseye to have your back.

Every year during the holidays, retailers change up their hours a little bit. But with this year's pandemic in the mix, it's hard to know what stores are open in general, let alone what their adjusted hours are. You can count on Target, though. In an email to Romper, a representative said hours will change slightly on New Year's Eve, with most stores closing around 9 PM, but you can expect your store's regular hours on New Year's Day. Of course, this is subject to location, so you'll want to confirm with your local store before you head out for any last-minute shopping.

This year, Dec. 31 falls on a Thursday, so a 9:00 closing time may not be that much different from your store's regular hours. Then, since New Year's Day store hours are normal, you can kick off 2021 with an early-morning Target run before you spend the long weekend soaking up the blissful beginning of (what has to be) a much better year. If you do find yourself running out for something urgent on Jan. 1, make sure you check out your store's holiday clearance section to stock up on party decor for New Year's Eve 2021, since everyone should finally be able to celebrate in person again.

Just remember to call your store before heading out, because showing up to an empty Target would be a sad way to close out 2020 and a rough start to 2021.