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Make Your Husband’s Day With One Of These Sweet, Funny, & Flirty Texts

Little notes to get him smiling, laughing, or in the mood.

Remember the wave of excitement you would feel when you’d get a text from your (now) husband back when you were dating? After marriage and kids, typical texts to your husband look something like “too tired to cook, want to order pizza tonight?” or “please pick up milk on your way home.” Sure, there is a certain pleasure in having that kind of comfort with someone you love, but these aren’t exactly the kind of texts to send to your husband if you’re trying to give him a little thrill in the middle of the day. Luckily, though, there is a very quick and easy fix for this.

Sweet Texts To Send To Your Husband

It’s amazing how a simple, sweet text can turn someone’s day around. Think about if you were just going about your day as usual and you picked up your phone to see a message from your husband telling you how much you mean to him. No, it’s not as big as whisking you away to a surprise tropical vacation (if only!), but the gesture is still meaningful. Coming up with sweet texts to send to your husband should be easy, too, because it’s mostly about putting the things you love about him into words. Here are some ideas to help you out.

  • I am so lucky to be married to you. I love you.
  • In case I haven’t told you lately, I appreciate everything you do for me and our family, and I love sharing my life with you.
  • Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you. Can’t wait to see you tonight.
  • You are the best husband, ever.
  • Life is just so much better with you in it.

Flirty Texts For Your Hubby

Think back to when you were just starting out, how did the two of you flirt? Now that you’ve been together for so long, share finances, and are raising a family, it’s probably hard to remember what flirting actually looks like (speaking for myself here). Dusting off your flirty skills will do your marriage some good, though, and who can resist smiling at a text that ends with a “winking face” emoji?

  • Hey, you were looking pretty good when you left for work this morning.
  • I’ve been thinking about you all day.
  • You just keep getting more and more handsome every year.
  • Wish we could be at home snuggling right now.
  • Just so you know, you’re still totally husband material.
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Funny Texts To Make Your Hubs Laugh

For some couples, flirty messages are less “you’re hot” and look more like sarcasm and humor. Or, maybe you just want to send something to your husband that will make him laugh a little on a tough day. Whatever the reason, sending a funny text message to your husband during the day is always a good idea. If you don’t consider yourself to be a comedian, though, here are a few funny texts to send to your husband now and then.

  • I love canceled plans with anyone but you.
  • If I had to choose between you and pizza, I’d choose you. But, please don’t make me do it.
  • Who has two thumbs and a super hot husband? This girl/guy/person. (Bonus points if you send a selfie with it)
  • It sure would be nice if our kids could parent themselves tonight so we could go on a date.
  • You have a cute butt. I mean face. Just kidding, I mean butt.

Sexy Texts To Send To Your Husband

If you just want to get right to the point, go ahead and send a sexy text to your husband. Maybe you send it in the middle of the workday, or perhaps while you’re sitting next to each other building LEGO skyscrapers with the kids, or, even better, when you’re waiting in the bedroom and he’s totally unaware of what’s about to go down. Whenever you choose to send it, a sexy text message to your husband will surely add some spice to his day.

  • You looked really good coming out of the shower this morning, let’s take one together later tonight.
  • Up for a little afternoon delight?
  • I just took a very NSFW picture for you, so you’ll just have to imagine what it looks like until you can get home and see it for yourself.
  • Remember that time we [insert sexy memory here]? Let’s do it again tonight.
  • Meet me in the bedroom.

To be honest, any text you send to your husband that references sex or your marriage in a positive way will be a nice change of pace from the usual messages about real-life adult stuff. Send him something out of the blue today, you may be amazed by how quickly it turns his day around.