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13 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes You’ll Love

A lot of these options will taste better than Thanksgiving dinner itself.

This makes me want to make a turkey just to have leftovers. From Half-Baked Harvest, this Croque Madame recipe uses everything from turkey to gravy to eggs and mashed potatoes, all on a flaky, buttery croissant.Half-Baked Harvest
Leftover squash? No problem. Cozy Kitchen’s pancetta, goat cheese, and butternut squash tart is a great way to use extra puff pastry and whatever veggies you have in the fridge.A Cozy Kitchen
If you’re not sure what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers, you can’t go wrong with frying them. B Sugar Mama has all the steps for these crispy, decadent fried leftover balls that will a whole new spin on turkey.B Sugar Mama
This dish from My Name Is Yeh is basically a warm comforting sandwich you can eat straight from a bowl. Known as a hotdish (Minnesotans will know) this combines leftovers with flour and milk for a rich, stuffing-topped dish that’s so comforting.My Name Is Yeh
Thanksgiving, but make it brunch. The Curious Plate’s dutch baby uses turkey, stuffing, cranberry and tons of fall herbs plus whatever else you have on hand. It’s topped with eggs and baked for a meal that will fuel your Black Friday.The Curious Plate
Basically any food gets better when it’s wrapped in dough and fried. This potsticker recipe from Kitchenista Diaries turns Thanksgiving leftovers into something to be celebrated (and these freeze well too).Kitchenista Diaries
Take extra cranberry sauce and leftover apples and turn it into this lovely streusel dessert from Two Red Bowls. The tart acidity of the cranberries is the perfect complement to the sweetness of everything else, and the crumbly buttery top is just amazing.Two Red Bowls
When you just can’t handle the Thanksgiving flavors anymore, shake things up with a Thai-inspired salad that’s topped with crunchy cabbage and a peanut sauce. The recipe is technically for chicken, but Samantha of Five Heart Home says turkey works well tooFive Heart Home
If you feel like eating vegetables in the days after the big T-day feast, The Curious Plate has you covered with this turkey ratatouille skillet finished with herbed dumplings. It uses a full pound of turkey, so you won’t need to have sandwiches all week.The Curious Plate
How good do these turkey enchiladas look? Half-Baked Harvest’s recipe uses butternut squash, crispy fragrant sage, all topped with avocado, zesty cranberry salsa, and plenty of cheese.Half-Baked Harvest
Bet you didn’t think leftovers could look so cute. This idea comes from My Name Is Yeh (originally for West Elm’s blog) and it uses cornbread, leftover cranberry sauce, yogurt and more for the ultimate post-Thanksgiving breakfast.My Name Is Yeh
This gumbo recipe by Half-Baked Harvest totally transforms turkey. Instead of rice it uses mashed potatoes, and instead of peppers, you’ll use shredded Brussels sprouts. This is so much more exciting than a microwaved plate of turkey.Half-Baked Harvest
Sometimes the only thing that hits the spot is a good old Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. Crepes Of Wrath has all the steps for making an amazing sandwich, but spoiler alert: good rye bread, Swiss cheese, and plenty of cranberry sauce.Crepes Of Wrath

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