18 Sleek, Cute, & Chic Nail Designs for Thanksgiving

Make ‘em salivate over something other than food.

You’re planning your Thanksgiving nails look, and the options are endless. You want them to embrace the colors of autumn, but also match the different outfits you’ll need to wear over the long weekend, and you want them to last. You might want to go with a really cute Thanksgiving-themed nail art pattern — like something with a turkey on it — or want something chic and sophisticated to dazzle your mother-in-law on Thanksgiving day. Maybe you want something classic yet trendy, like brown tones, French tips, or half moon nails.

Whatever it is you feel like fits the vibe for the Thanksgiving holiday and the events you committed going to, you can achieve it at home or see a nail technician to get it done. Some tips for doing it yourself are to use nail brushes and dotters, or even school supply items like reinforcement stickers, to achieve the nail art design your heart is set on. If you’re confident enough to do these designs on your own, you’ll definitely save a lot of money by buying these tools instead of getting them done professionally. This time of year is hectic though, so if you want to take this opportunity as an excuse to go to the salon for a few hours and relax before the chaos that is Thanksgiving with your extended family, no one will blame you.


On Fire

Surprise, surprise — French tips. These ones by @thehotblend incorporate Thanksgiving colors with a sexy twist. These ones are extra fancy too, because of the gold outline between the clear polish and the maroon tips. You can do that with this gold liner pen.


Subtle Sparkle

Colored French tips continue to be popular as the year goes on — they’re truly perfect for Thanksgiving. These ones by @ellielouisenails are a subtle way to embrace the colors of the season without sacrificing the stylish look you probably want to have for any fancy dinner parties or work functions.


Clear with Leaves

If you really don’t want a ton of color on your nails, trying painting your nail clear or nearly-clear and adding a bit of leaf glitter on one (or more) nail bed like @frenchnailseugene did here.


Turkey on the Side, Please

These nails by @sonyas.nails are the most adorable nails for Thanksgiving. They incorporate the French tip, but also have a Turkey on the accent as well as a solid brown nail to keep it from getting too busy. This nail tool set will help you draw these detailed designs on your nails.


Dark Diamonds

This Bellacures Thanksgiving nail art idea is sleek and simple and works with any color: dark purple, navy blue, maroon, dark green — whatever suits your outfit for the holiday.


Fall’s Favorite Colors

If you love the look of painting each nail bed a different color, here’s a great look for you by essie. The exact colors used here are essie’s all checked out, bun’s up, woven at heart, and cold brew crew, and the trick to pulling this off is keeping it tonal.


Thanksgiving Sunrise

This nail design by @pop_polished is as pretty as a fall sunset. Channel that beauty with these nails by selecting three fall-inspired colors and using these nail sponges and the thinner pens from this set to create half moon and gradient effects.


Four Square

This color-blocked brown design uses a lot of the same essie shades as the “Fall’s Favorite Colors” design mentioned above: bun’s up and cold brew crew, plus take the espresso and no to-do.


Leaves Falling

One thing about fall to be thankful for is an abundance of leaf piles. This Thanksgiving nail design by @learnahstarbuck_nailartist has a design on one accent nail that mimic leaves falling off the trees, which is so cute for the season. It’s also a sleek enough design to wear to nicer events.


Morning Coffee Swirl

This brown swirl effect on these nails by @thenaillologist is so cool. It may be a bit difficult to do this on your real nails, but these clear almond press-ons should make it simpler — you can tinker with the design on these first before you glue the nails to your own nail beds.


Maroon Half Moons

To achieve half moon nails, like these ones by @heluviee, you can put a reinforcement (or any round) sticker on the bottom of your nail and paint over it. So easy.


Thankful for the Flowers

Flowers aren’t just for the spring. This design by @sylwia.ka_1982 gives you the opportunity to have maroon and pink flowers be in full bloom on your nails this fall, and you can paint them on with these small nail brushes.


Seasonal French Tips

These French tips by @klawsbysonia embrace the seasonal colors — not just brown but also different shades of green. An angled brush can be used to achieve these nails, but make sure to buy multiples or just wash them between using the different colors.


Berry Colors

If you’re more a fan of pinks and reds than brown, this look by @all.that.nails is great for you.


Shades of Coffee

These nails by @chloezhaang, which embrace both the French tip and brown nail trends, have a texture to them that might require a nail technician. However, if you just want to do regular tips incorporating the different brown colors — which kind of resemble the color of coffee changing as you pour creamer into it — you can do that too.


A Flannel for Your Nails

The plaid design on the accent nail by @nailsbybrooke___ is the equivalent of wearing a cozy flannel. The thin lines will be easier to pull off with a super thin nail brush and you can choose whichever shades you would like.


Two Accents

Instead of one accent nail, this set by @nails_by_miriam14 has two, and it feels just right. A super thin painting brush plus this gold leaf-shaped glitter set (that you seal with clear polish) will help you pull it off.


Wrapped Up with a Bow

The gift-giving don’t need to wait until December begins. These nails by Bellacures use Thanksgiving colors of a neutral cream for the base and a sparkly, dark red color for the gift bow accent, feel festive for the season in general.

All of these nails will pretty much match any casual, work, or holiday outfits that you’ll wear this November. So whichever design you choose, you’ll look — and feel — put together for Thanksgiving.