A variety of stain cleaners in front of a babies jumper
These Cleaners Are Tough On Stains But Gentle Enough For Baby Clothes
by Andrea Hannah

No matter how adorable your baby is, keeping those sweet cheeks clean is a challenge. And the dainty white onesies? Forget about it. You might as well invest in the best stain removers for baby clothes right from the start.

While some stain experts recommend you treat, soak, and wash the stain first, and then use a targeted spray or stick solution if the stain persists, ultimately the best way to treat your baby's clothes is the one which works with your routine. For example, if you prefer to let your clothes soak, a powder stain treatments made specifically for babies will be your best. If you're more comfortable spraying the stain and throwing it directly into the wash, there are plenty of gels or liquid sprays that can do the job.

Another thing to keep in mind is the ingredients list. While most baby stain removers are made with gentler ingredients than traditional treatments, some are still strongly scented. While there's nothing wrong with your baby smelling like lilacs or lavender, be wary if they are sensitive to strong scents. The good news? There are plenty of effective stain removers that are completely scent free.

Powder or gel? Spray or stain sick? There are so many options, it can be tough to pick the perfect product for you and your baby. Here's a round-up of some of the best stain removers for baby clothes out there to keep those adorable onesies fresh and clean.


The Best For Soaking

This powdered formula is oxygen-based and is only activated when you add water. As soon as you add it to soaking laundry, the powder bubbles up as it works to eliminate stains and odors from your baby's fabrics. On top of that, it's completely chlorine and fragrance-free, so you can use it for even the most sensitive babies. The only downside is that you can't really target a stain; this stain remover treats the entire fabric.

Reviewers swear this product is a miracle worker, with one mom writing, "Incredible at removing yellowed storage stains from all my baby clothes! Allowed to soak overnight, then ran through the washer. Saved me hundreds of dollars in baby clothes by saving all my son's hand me downs that had yellowed in storage. Some of the stains were severe and it still got them out. [I'm] so impressed!"


The Best Liquid Treatment

If you're looking for a treatment you can use on a specific stain, this spray stain remover by Dapple is a must. Made with a water-based formula and plant-derived ingredients, this product is completely safe for even the littlest babies. Just spray the stain, let it set, and throw the clothes in with your regular laundry cycle. The remover goes to work to remove everything from diaper leaks to baby food mishaps in as little as a single treatment. One thing to keep in mind: A lot of Dapple's products include essential oils and are lightly scented.

One reviewer writes, "I was skeptical this could get those tough yellow newborn poop stains out but it did! Even tried it on a few days old stains and after treating with the spray, tossed it in the laundry and the stains were gone! What a lifesaver."


The Best All-Natural Option

Not only is this plant-powered stain remover by Puracy all natural, it's extremely effective. Whether you're dealing with berries, sauce, formula, or mud, this remover uses six different plant enzymes to handle anything. Just spray, let sit, and toss your baby's clothes into the wash for bibs and onesies that look brand new. Plus, there are absolutely no harsh chemicals or sulfates, and it's 100-percent vegan, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free.

One fan raves, "With a baby and toddler (boys!), we are very active and have lots of stains. I had learned to avoid the dreaded white colors because anything stains it... Well, thanks to this, my baby is wearing white because if something does get on it - it will come out."


The Best For On-The-Go Messes

When you need to treat a mess on the go, this unique stain remover pen by Dreft has you covered. It's filled with Dreft's liquid laundry stain remover that can tackle everything from spit-up to spills no matter where you go. Just toss it in your purse or diaper bag before you head out, then uncap it and treat the stain whenever you need it. While this treatment has a light scent, it's completely safe for babies and can be used on all colors and fabrics.

Not only do reviewers love this pen for babies, they use it for themselves! One reviewer writes, " [T]hese stain-removing pens are the most handy things I use. I keep one in my purse and one in my desk at work. Wouldn't be without one."

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