The 7 Best Ovulation Tracking Apps If You're Trying To Get Pregnant — Or Not
by Tessa Shull

Each time I wish there was an easier way to track something, whether it be my schedule, period, exercise, steps, sleep, or ovulation, I remember that there's probably an app for that. Especially for those who want to get pregnant, struggle to conceive, or actually want to avoid having a baby, ovulation tracking apps can really help map things out for you.

Experts say that infertility is common and timing is everything, according to Medical News Today. But the struggle arises when trying to pinpoint the right time to conceive, because the window is limited. An ovulation app tracks your period and general cycle to pinpoint your ovulation window — or in other words, the prime time to make a baby. According to Clearblue, "ovulation is the name of the process that happens usually once in every menstrual cycle, when hormone changes trigger an ovary to release an egg." Luckily there are plenty of ovulation apps out there to help direct you toward the best time to try.

First, you need to find the right app for you. Some of them focus solely on ovulation, while others have additional perks including tracking your period, reminding you to take your birth control, and more. So if you want to track your ovulation cycle, whether it's to get pregnant or avoid a new addition, here are the apps available to you. Each boasts it's own unique perks and one is probably more suited for you than the other, even if you're just basing it on how pretty it is, because to a lot of us, that matters, too! Also, they're all free, so don't be shy about downloading and playing with a few to determine which one you like best.



Glow Ovulation, Period Tracker (Free, iTunes, Google Play)

This is a free app that tracks your cycle using your personalized data to help you conceive faster. What sets this ovulation tracking app apart from many others is that it also allows you to include such details as medications, if you're exercising, what mood you're in, and more, because all these factors effect your reproductive health. Your partner can also keep track of your journey together, because it's usually not a one-woman show. They can download the app and there is a mirroring function that allows them to also see when you are ovulating and offers suggestions on how they may contribute to the baby-making journey.



Ovia Fertility Tracker (Free, iTunes, Google Play)

As far as accuracy goes, this app prides itself on being the best. Even if you have irregular periods, Ovia uses the data you log to track your cycle and predict the exact dates to take advantage of the best window to conceive with clear alerts like "have sex today, you are fertile!"



Clue Period Tracker (Free, iTunes, Google Play)

With the Clue app, you can plug in your information and the algorithm will predict your own unique cycle. What sets this app apart is that it promises to get to know you, so the more you use it and input information, the more accurate the results will be. Also, it tells you when you're PMSing? Send that to your partner so they remember to bring some flowers home, or at least be on their best behavior.


Period Diary

Period Diary (Free, iTunes, Google Play)

The Period Diary app focuses on tracking your period and ovulation window with an fully animated, upbeat, playful design. The animated app is easy to use and offers to track your cycle, note your symptoms, and assist in planning for the future. So, if you're looking for a pink, flowery approach to tracking your cycle, this is the app for you.


Fertility Friend

Fertility Friend (Free, iTunes, Google Play)

By observing your cycle's data, this app tracks your external ovulation signs and uses them to create your hormonal profile. This helps you determine a precise ovulation window to get down to business (or avoid sex at all costs, depending on your end goal!). The color-coded calendar really helps women see the overview of their cycle at a glance — is'a great way to plan for things like vacations, or when to not have guests over because you will be, um, busy.



Kindara (Free, iTunes, Google Play)

According to this app's info, "whether you’re trying to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy, or understand your body, Kindara helps you meet your goals." You can track your basal body temperature and cervical fluid, which is something that sets this app apart. It also allows you to create up to 50 fields within the app explaining what's up with your body — that's pretty in-depth. For those who thrive on spreadsheets, it's a lot like an ovulation charting system.



Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker (Free, iTunes, Google Play)

Flo is a simple and straightforward app to track your period and ovulation. You can keep track of your days in an easy-to-use calendar, schedule cycle reminders, and record moods and symptoms with the app.

Regardless of which app you choose or what method best suits your preferences, ovulation trackers are extremely helpful when you're trying to conceive. And when you're trying to avoid it too. As with many health-related tracking apps, there are a ton of things you learn about your body that you probably never realized before tracking. So test a couple out or go with one you feel fits your lifestyle best.

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