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Camp Romper 2023 Was All About Exploring The Great Outdoors

The afternoon in Battery Park was incredible, if we do say so ourselves.

Friday, September 22nd was an amazing day for kids and parents in New York City. Why? Because it was Camp Romper day! Presented by Toyota Grand Highlander, with support from Boxed Water and Urban Remedy, Romper’s annual event — free for all to enjoy — took place in Battery Park and served magical moments for the families who stopped by.

Although the event had to be rescheduled thanks to Tropical Storm Ophelia, plenty of campers still flocked to the park for an afternoon of fun. The Camping-themed event featured lively performances and several activity and craft stations on giant campground constructed for the five-hour event.

When they entered the park, families were greeted by camp counselors and the sound of kids’ music being sung on a stage that looked like a pirate ship. As kids and their grown ups walked through the “campground,” there was so much to see and play with, and little ones were excited to get their hands on all the activities.

Step right in for lots of fun! Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

If you missed the day of fun, keep reading to see the best moments of the day, and make a mental note to come by Battery Park for next year’s Camp Romper!

The day-long scavenger hunt

Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

Upon arrival, eager “campers” got a booklet with instructions for a scavenger hunt. They had to find several camp-themed items, like a tent, a camping backpack, hiking boots, and more. These things also served as decoration to make the park look like a cozy campground!

The memory-making stations

Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

Slime is basically a requirement for a good time at a kids’ event these days. In addition to slime making, there were also stations to make friendship bracelets, decorate camp-inspired pennants, and get your faces painted, all of which earned the kids a rewarding stamp in their booklets.

The (many) photo opportunities

Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

The main event for the parents? All of the places they could take adorable photos of their children. This station was set up near the entrance for posed pictures of families as they geared up for a day of camping fun.

The Little Maestros’ music

Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

The Little Maestros, a kids’ performing group, sang favorites like “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Happy and You Know It!” The Maestros also taught the audience their signature dance moves.

The science presentation

Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

Even after a full day of school, the kids sat rapt for a science lesson about liquid nitrogen on the Venture Voyager stage.


Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

Puppetsburg, a New York City-based group that performs puppet shows for kids ages 0-5, put on two shows during the day so all the kids could get a chance to see the puppets talk about being nice to your friends and treating Planet Earth with respect. Environmental activist and actor Mark Ruffalo even showed up along with Old McDonald — in puppet form, of course — to help them out.

The fishing expedition

Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

Gone fishin’? Yes, at Camp Romper. Kids got the chance to use a magnetic fishing pole to catch toy fish. Not only did they collect a stamp for completing this challenge, they also caught some Smart Sweets candy fish.

Marching with the Brooklyn United Drum Line

Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

The Brooklyn United Drum Line, a marching band for NYC-based youth, brought drummers and dancers to the park to perform. The kids were excited by the rousing drumline, and some even joined in on the dancing!

Collecting those merit badges

Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

Once the kids completed all their tasks and got their stamps, they were awarded a merit badge for being awesome campers.

The grand finale!

Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

Event sponsor Toyota Grand Highlander had a car on display, which kids could crawl through and pretend to drive (and parents could explore if they were so inclined). Surrounded by cutouts of bears, foxes, and trees, as well as real tents that served as a place to rest or take pictures, it really did seem like a “Great Adventureland!”

All in all, it was a great time exploring the great outdoors!

Sean T. Smith/Simon Luethi

We can’t wait for next year’s Camp Romper — until then, it’s all about the memories made this year.