These At-Home Workout Classes Changed The Way I Exercise — For Just $25 A Month

I’ll never go back.

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On my ever-growing to-do list, working out is forever falling to the bottom of the list. Exercise classes are expensive and hard to get to, gym anxiety is real and I experience it, and I have about 1,000 other things I’d rather be doing when it comes time to exercise. So in a lot of ways, I’m grateful that a few years ago when we all started staying safe and staying home, I stumbled upon obé Fitness, a way to workout in my living room that completely changed the game for me.

After so many years, I feel numb to marketing language for new fitness programs, platforms, or studios. But, obé quickly surprised me. In making it easier to workout, I was able to actually commit to regular exercise. And during a time when I needed the mental and physical benefits of movement, I started regularly working out.

There are a lot of reasons I love obé Fitness. They offer so much flexibility, with both live and on-demand classes, so that the class options are waiting there whenever I can find a spare 30 (read: 10) minutes for a quick cardio class. Their strength classes helped me feel comfortable working out with free weights and the instructors are quick to offer tips on form, so I gradually became much better at weight lifting. (There are also bodyweight strength classes, for anyone without equipment.)

I love the variety of their classes, both in length and in type of workout. They have more than 20 different class types and offer them in so many lengths, it’s easy to find the right one for you. I’ve taken 10-minute dance classes, hour-long strength classes, and every combination of high-intensity interval training and kickboxing class they offer. There is so much to choose from, I find myself constantly trying new things. This also keeps my workouts feeling fresh and exciting, so I’m more likely to stick with them.

The community on obé really sets it apart from other workout classes I’ve taken. While you’re working out alone and not being filmed, the instructors will call out encouraging words to class members as they go, and it really makes you feel like you’re working out with friends. Since I’ve been using the platform, they also rolled out a feature called “Workout Party,” that allows you to stream their live classes with your friends in a video chat, so you can work out with friends and family. (My sister and I had a standing date for a Saturday morning strength class for months.)

Their latest offering really levels up this platform. You can take a quiz and get a personalized recommendation list of classes to take to hit your individual fitness goals. I took the quiz and told them a little about my experience level and the type of classes I want to focus on, and they populated classes on my calendar that I can take. They also have programs you can join for weeks or months. You can join a stretching challenge, a program for building your core, or one designed to get you started with new classes on obé.

As someone who often falls in and out of the workout habit, I am really grateful that obé’s class types meet you where you are. You can filter by fitness level, equipment, and class length to find the perfect workout. But even better than that, I really love how affordable this platform is. I’ve belonged to gyms, taken bougie studio classes, and tried other at-home workouts, and this is by far the best value. For just $25 a month, you get access to their whole content library (including hundreds of classes spanning back years), their live classes, and their community of instructors and members. It’s really a steal. But I buried the lede: You can get an annual membership for just $99 using the code MOVEMENT, right now.

While a year-long commitment can seem like a lot, I’ll also share that I paid monthly for my subscription for almost a year before deciding to pay for the annual membership, and now I’ve never looked back. Three years into working out with obé Fitness, it’s still a platform that I frequently recommend to my friends and family.

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