This 3-Ingredient Chicken Nugget Will Be Your New Weeknight Staple

Take a deep breath — you got this.

by BDG Studios

Weeknights are good for many things — getting ahead on chores, re-watching favorite TV shows, gloriously early bedtimes. But elaborate dinner recipes that your kids — let’s be honest here — probably won’t touch? That’s gonna be a “no” from me.

In the spirit of easy mealtimes with minimal prep work, Romper teamed up with Walmart+ to bring you a fresh, three-ingredient take on every kids’ favorite food — the chicken nugget. Keep tapping to learn how to make this updated classic come to life.

Here’s What You Need.

Fresh ingredients: chicken, breadcrumbs, and depending on what your family likes, olive oil, egg, or plain yogurt.

Additional supplies: dinosaur-shaped stainless steel cookie cutter, sheet pan

And that’s it, folks!