Thoughtful Gifts For Friends & Family To Make This Holiday The Most Magical Yet

Shop the best Macy’s finds for the whole fam.

We wear many hats as parents, partners, and friends, and by default, that typically includes Official Holiday Magic-Maker from year to year. It’s one of the best roles there is, especially when things come together as planned! But while this time of year presents the ultimate opportunity to show others you care, even the most cheerful holiday chairperson could use an assist every now and again in the gift idea department.

After all, we know firsthand that curating a fabulous holiday for all can start to feel a bit like potty training if you don’t play your cards right — worth every bit of effort, but quite unpleasant if you’re short on smart strategies, patience, or time. While we may not be able to help you in the patience and time department, we’ve absolutely got you on strategic gifts for kids and adults alike. We picked the brain of The Zoe Report’s Editor-in-Chief Kathy Lee (aka, our go-to style authority, busy working mom, and her own household’s designated holiday curator) to see how Macy’s is helping her shower loved ones this season.

Read on for her pro tips and go-to gift ideas, wrapped with a bow and ready to make your whole crew’s holiday that much brighter. You’ve got this!

For The Wellness-Minded: Self-Care Finds For Comfort And Joy

Whether mindful wellness in general is their jam, or they just could use some much-needed time off, select soothing gifts that promote rest and relaxation for friends and family. “We all need moments of self-care to take a break from our busy schedules and invest in our mental and emotional health,” Lee says. “I love taking ten minutes before bed to apply my favorite lotions, take care of my skin, and calm myself before settling in.” After all, she says, “Giving loved ones a reason to take time for themselves can be one of the most meaningful gifts there is.”

For The Fashion-Focused: Stylish Staples That Are Merry & Bright

Looking to adorn and delight even the most glamorous ones on your list? Check out Lee’s gifting ideas for every tastemaker. “I find that accessories and jewelry are always a sure winner,” says Lee, “and you don’t have to worry about sizing.” Jewelry is a particular favorite of hers, she says, because “there are so many great designs out there that work for everyone — like an updated take on classic pearl earrings.” Fragrance is another fun gift, though it can be quite personal to the wearer. Start by finding out your recipient’s favorite notes (think: floral, woodsy, citrus, etc.), and go from there.

For The Curious Mind: Must-Haves For Making Spirits Bright

No matter what your littlest loved ones are into, Lee’s come prepared with engaging gift ideas for kids of all ages to get behind. (And in the interest of having them play with their presents for more than five minutes after opening them, she advises that parents go for stimulating, hands-on options that combine learning and play.) When it comes to her own kids, Lee says, “I like to give gifts that we can enjoy together as a family, like a board game, building kit, or a set that’s interactive and stimulating. They tend to use activity-based gifts the most often.”

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