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These tie-dye crafts are perfect for summer.
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10 Beautiful Tie-Dye Summer Crafts

Maybe you’ll make a giant mess, but the results will be funky and beautiful.

Tie-dye crafts are the perfect activity to turn a boring summer day at home into a whimsical and groovy time. Sure, it’s messy, but also 100% worth it.Shutterstock

How adorable are these tie-dye headbands from DIY Candy? Make this craft with your kids and you can both rock the fashionable accessory all summer long.

This tie-dye summer craft from Studio DIY may take a bit of time and patience, but just imagine how bright and colorful a tie-dye hammock will look hanging in your backyard.Studio DIY

This tutorial from Rosyscription shows you step-by-step how to make beautiful tie-dye jewelry crafts using fabric you dye yourself from start to finish.

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This craft project from the blog Natalme is a great way to transform a pair of canvas shoes into a tie-dyed masterpiece. You can choose to use traditional tie-dye patterning or follow the tutorial to create a fun ombre effect.Zen Rial/Moment/Getty Images

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Tie-dye is having an absolute moment right now in the fashion world. Your kids can dress in head-to-toe psychedelic hues when you make a pair of tie-dyed leggings with this craft tutorial from Club Crafted.

You may remember this tie-dye stained glass craft from your own summer camp days. Follow this tutorial from 30 Minute Crafts to re-live the nostalgia with your own kiddos this summer.30 Minute Crafts
These coffee filter butterfly crafts from This Grandma Is Fun are perfect for younger kids who want in on your summertime tie-dye bonanza. They’re easy, colorful, and just all-around beautiful.This Grandma Is Fun

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You and your kids can make tie-dyed tapestries with gorgeous patterns when you follow Handmade Charlotte’s step-by-step instructions for DIY wall hangings. They’re basically guaranteed to brighten up any room you hang them in.

Make homemade tie-dye soap using this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess for a fun summer craft with your kids. It’s super pretty, but it’s also a great way to encourage your kids to actually bathe during the summer. (You know, since kids think swimming counts as a bath.)A Beautiful Mess

For less messy way to make a tie-dye craft with your kids, you can follow 30 Minute Craft’s instructions to create spray-dye scarfs. Simply fill spray bottles with dye and apply different colors to a plain scarf to achieve a tie-dyed look.

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