This Viral TikTok Of Sisters Cutting Their Own Bangs Is Basically A Greta Gerwig Movie

The six-minute video captures everything about what it’s like to grow up with sisters.

There’s something magical about the bond between sisters. From the Dashwoods to the Marches to Ramona and Beezus, great thinkers have explored the depths of these unique relationships. There’s love, there’s frustration, but there’s always a special variety of camaraderie like no other. And while it may seem odd to compare these great literary works to a viral TikTok video of sisters cutting each other’s bangs (never advisable, especially if you’re a child), everything we love about these tales of sisterly love is brilliantly captured in this not-even six minute video... which, honestly, feels more like a short film.

Let’s meet the dramatis personae of this video, which was posted by their mom’s TikTok account @palmview956oficial and has racked up 2.6 million views and nearly 327,000 likes as of press time...

  • Valentina: the de facto star of the show who appears to be the oldest.
  • Khaleesi: the instigator and most likely the middle child.
  • Camilla: the damsel in distress and probably the youngest of the three, close in age with Khaleesi.
  • “Girl”: an unnamed fourth child in the home, likely a youngest sister but this is never specified.
  • Mom: the threat
  • Dad: apparently the bigger threat; unseen.

The video starts off unremarkable: Valentina is filming a “get ready with me” video in standard tween social media voice. But then we have a glimmer of a story. Enter Khaleesi, looking for scissors. Valentina digs into her drawer and pulls them out, then holds back.

“For what?” she asks.

“Something,” she replies lightly, but suspiciously. “Just something.”

Ever hear of “Chekhov’s gun?” It’s the idea that a pistol hanging on the wall in Act One should be fired in Act Three. Remember that now...

Valentina continues her video, blithely talking about her annoying pimples and removing her mascara when suddenly we hear an ear splitting scream.

Enter Camilla, flustered, trailed by Khaleesi.

“Khaleesi cut my hair!” she says in a panic. Indeed, there’s a big chunk taken out of the front of her hair.

The three bicker briefly before hushing up in solidarity to allay their mother’s suspicions.

Since tomorrow is school picture day, Valentina knows she has to step up her big sister game not only to help out Camilla, but to cover for the both of them so their parents won’t get mad.

There’s also a (cookie) bribe involved, because littlest sisters gonna little sister.

We’ll let the thrilling conclusion speak for itself...

Miraculously, the results turned out extraordinarily well! (She does look like Hermione from Harry Potter.) But the real triumph here was the journey. We’re hoping that when dad saw what happened he didn’t get upset but rather saw this as a lesson learned by all.

“This was a coming of age story,” declared one commenter in all caps. “Greta Gerwig could never.”

“This needs to win an award,” said another. “It had comedy, action, drama, and suspense.”

“It’s the fact that the girl in pink seemed so young, then when her younger sisters came she instantly grew up,” observed another.

“This was art like this was an entire movie about sisterhood,” one more commented.

“little women (latina version),” another pointed out.

One this is for certain: however the school portraits turn out, it comes with a truly excellent story that we doubt anyone in the family will forget.