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Walmart Is Giving Away Thanksgiving Meals — Here’s How To Snag One

Turkey? Free. Stuffing? Free. Green bean casserole? Also free.

In an effort to ensure that every family can enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner this year, Walmart has teamed up with Ibotta to make all the ingredients needed for a traditional Thanksgiving meal completely free. As in, you can get a free Thanksgiving dinner from Walmart. In fact, snagging one is fairly simple.

"We are excited to announce that we’re partnering with @Walmart to give away free Thanksgiving dinners!" Colorado-based mobile technology company Ibotta announced over Twitter earlier this month. "That’s right – 100% cash back on turkey, stuffing, and more."

Through Walmart's partnership with Ibotta, customers can redeem 100% cash back offers on nine Thanksgiving staples, including a Butterball turkey breast roast that's perfect for the small, single-household Thanksgiving gatherings public health experts have advised. Customers can round out their Thanksgiving meal with mashed potatoes, stuffing mix, gravy, Campbell's condensed cream of mushroom soup, green beans, French's crispy fried onions, and, of course, cranberry sauce. While Walmart's free Thanksgiving dinner doesn't come with pie, it does include a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola.

Redemption is fairly easy. Customers will first need to download the Ibotta app or browser extension and follow Ibotta's instructions for adding all nine of the Walmart Thanksgiving rebate offers to their list. From there you'll want to head to your local Walmart — or open the website if shopping online for pickup or delivery — and load your cart with the items.

Customers who shop in-store have the added benefit of using the Ibotta app to scan the barcode of an item to make sure it is one of the qualifying products. When it comes time to checkout, you'll pay for the items upfront and then either scan your in-store receipt using the Ibotta app or link your Walmart account to Ibotta's browser extension so you can be reimbursed.

According to Ibotta, the products selected to be included in Walmart's free Thanksgiving dinner are meant to feed a family of five. And while customers can always buy a second box of stuffing or an additional can of cranberry sauce, they can only get the 100% cash back rebate on one of each of the nine items. That being said, customers don't have to buy all nine products to qualify for the rebates. Additionally, if the 3-pound Butterball turkey breast roast included in the promotion won't be large enough, customers can opt to apply its $9.98 cash back rebate to the purchase of a whole Butterball turkey.

But like most good things (and 100% money back on an entire Thanksgiving dinner is definitely a good thing!), this deal will only be available to Walmart customers while supplies last. So, what are you waiting for?