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Wendy’s Is Turning Its Famous Frosty Into A Breakfast Cereal

But the real question is... will it also pair well with fries?

by Morgan Brinlee

Wendy’s is once again disrupting breakfast. After bursting onto the morning meal scene with the debut of the Breakfast Baconator and a nationwide breakfast menu in 2020, the fast-food chain has now set its sights on the cereal bowl. Wendy’s has partnered with Kellogg’s to turn its chocolate Frosty into a cereal.

That’s right. What has long been the perfect treat for a hot summer day — not to mention, the perfect dip for fries — will soon be available in cereal form. Kellogg’s limited-edition Wendy’s Frosty Chocolatey Cereal is expected to hit grocery store shelves nationwide this December, according to CNN. Consumers will be able to purchase the cereal in two different sizes: $3.99 for an 8.3 oz box or $5.69 for a 13.2 oz box.

To mimic the flavor of a Wendy’s Frosty, Kellogg’s combined chocolate-flavored marshmallow pieces with crispy, cocoa-coated round cereal bites. Add your favorite milk or non-dairy beverage and you’ll have a cereal that “evokes the irresistible taste of a Wendy's Frosty” with each spoonful, CNN quoted the brands as saying in a recent press release.

Wendy’s Frosty Chocolatey Cereal isn’t the first time Kellogg’s has partnered with the fast-food chain to create a cross-over product. In 2020, the brands collaborated on a new Pringles flavor inspired by Wendy’s Baconator hamburger. Wendy’s and Pringles, a Kellogg’s brand, teamed up again in May to debut a chip flavor inspired by Wendy’s original Spicy Chicken Sandwich. At the time, Pringles’ senior director of marketing called the partnership between Kellogg’s and Wendy’s “a match made in flavor-heaven.”

It’s also not the first time Wendy’s has attempted to place its Frosty in the breakfast realm. When rolling out a nationwide breakfast menu in March 2020, Wendy’s introduced the Frosty-ccino, a concoction of cold brew coffee swirled with a vanilla flavored Frosty.

But what if Wendy’s venture into the world of cereal merely leaves your family craving a real Frosty? Kellogg’s has your back. Each box of their limited-edition Wendy’s Frosty Chocolatey Cereal will reportedly include a coupon for a free small Frosty with any purchase made through the Wendy’s app.

While it’s too soon to know if Kellogg’s was truly able to capture the iconic chocolatey taste of a Wendy’s Frosty, the partnership between the fast-food retailer and the cereal giant is proof the Frosty is no longer just a simple dessert. It’s rearing to become a breakfast staple.