A Rootin' Tootin' Baby Shower

Western baby shower ideas for your cowboy-themed baby shower.

Cute Ideas For Your Western-Themed Baby Shower

The Dutton Family would approve!

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Whether ranching is in your blood or you and your partner got really, really into Yellowstone and 1923 during your pregnancy, a western baby shower is a great way to welcome your little one and have a rootin’ tootin’ good time with friends and family. If you’re looking for western baby shower ideas, or Yellowstone party themes (we suggest leaving out... you know... all the murder and animal attacks and just sticking with the aesthetic), there are a lot of directions you can go. From Boho-western chic to country-cozy, here are some ideas to get your started.

Western baby shower invitations

Whether you want a Southwest baby shower theme (think cactuses and lots of Mexican influence), to really lean into the cow part of cowboy, or evoke a bit of Little House on the Prairie, you can set the tone with the invitations. Etsy, VistaPrint, and Basic Invite are great places to look for western baby shower invitations. These options offer a choice: getting them printed for you or just getting the digital download and printing them yourself (which is more labor intensive, but a great way to save money for a budget baby shower).

Western baby shower decorations

Again, “western” is pretty broad in terms of aesthetic. You could go with geometric southwest patterns, bandana pattern decor, or maybe even a “down home” feel (gingham is never a bad idea). We tried to blend some of those but largely went with a something that feels straight out of Yellowstone Ranch, which is old fashioned country with a 21st century feel: lots of neutrals and simplicity.

Western baby shower food & treats

If you’re going for a western baby shower theme, you have lots of options for food that will satisfy and can be done fairly simply and cheaply, from a DIY taco bar to a big batch of white chicken chili. And whomst doesn’t love a good old fashioned BBQ? (If you ask nicely, Meemaw just might give you the recipe for her sauce... but don’t hold your breath.) But while main dishes are going to have to be done day of, there are other items you can order ahead of time to make planning easier.

Western baby shower favors

What’s a shower without a cute little favor to give to your guests? These items are both practical and thematically appropriate. Most are self-contained and some even come with labels and gift bags so you don’t have to worry about having to get packaging separately. In the case of the personalized trail mix bags, all you need to do is add trail mix (you can DIY or go store-bought, depending on how ambitious you’re feeling).

Happy planning, y’all!

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