The 6 Safest Postpartum Sex Positions
by Tessa Shull

After giving birth, doctors generally advise moms wait six weeks to have sex again. But not all sexually activity is fair game, and some activity requires a little longer wait time. Understandably, you may have questions about what's OK and what's not. Particularly regarding what positions are safe 6 weeks after giving birth, or even which ones will help you ease back into sex postpartum.

When thinking about sex after childbirth, it's important to remember that every mom is affected differently postpartum and each couple will have to find what works best for them in the bedroom. In exploring postpartum sex positions, there are several that can help you ease back into intimacy, while keeping control on your side and offering maximum comfortability. Baby Center suggested utilizing postpartum positions that will give you more control over depth of penetration or help you avoid problem areas if you've had a C-section or episiotomy. Additionally, talking with your partner about areas that are sore or relying heavily on foreplay and lube before intercourse is a smart way to transition back into sex. Once you're ready and comfortable with penetration, some of the positions you may want to take advantage of are listed below.



This position is one of the simplest go-tos for a reason. According to She Knows, missionary keeps pressure off your perineum and ensures C-section moms don't have to worry about abdomen pressure. This keeps sore and problem areas safer from unnecessary pressure and potential uncomfortableness.


Doggy Pillow

For those who prefer doggy style, a much safer postpartum version is referred to as doggy pillow. According to Women's Day, some women may experience a pinching feeling in their scar tissue during postpartum sex, so a good way to reduce pressure at the scar site is to use pillows as support under your stomach while in the doggy style position. This means less pressure and strain on you because you're using pillows as support instead of lifting yourself up. It also allows your to have a bit more control over depth of penetration and the ability to move yourself if something's uncomfortable.



According to aforementioned She Knows article, spooning is one of the safest positions for someone who had a C-section. It helps keep pressure off the C-section scar, and it allows you to maintain control over depth of penetration and speed.


Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

CAT position is similar to missionary except it focuses more on clitoris stimulation and less on thrusting, according to Men's Health. Because some women may want to avoid a ton of vaginal stimulation and focus more on the clitoris or other stimulation, this position may be safer to explore when easing back into sex.


Woman On Top

Woman on top is a safe sex position for postpartum women. It allows you to remain in control with depth of penetration and speed while giving you the ability move around if something is uncomfortable, it's easy to stay pain free.


Chair Sex

The aforementioned She Knows article also suggested "School of Rock," or chair sex. This position allows for the woman to be on top and rock back and forth without putting pressure on the perineum or incision. The position is considered safer for those who've had a C-section or don't feel totally back to normal to avoid uncomfortableness or soreness.