Courtesy of Sarah Bunton
What Kind Of Parent You Are, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type
by Sarah Bunton

If you've ever been up in the middle of the night during pregnancy, unable to fall asleep, you've probably turned to the internet for a bit of distraction from your insomnia. It's no surprise that, in the weeks leading up to your child's birth, you likely have a lot weighing on your mind. That's why online quizzes can be such a great form of relief. So if you've ever taken a personality test, you may be wondering what type of mom you'll be based on your Myers-Briggs score. Will your propensity for introversion mean you'll prefer to stay at home? Or does your keen sense of intuition imply you're going to take on the role of detective with your kids?

If you're not familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality types, here is a quick rundown of what each letter means. According to the official site of The Myers & Briggs Foundation, the Myers-Briggs test is used in the workplace and various organizations to help employers and organizers better understand the assets each person brings to the team. And, unlike most tests, the results for the Myers-Briggs test is a combination of letters, each with their own meaning.

According to the site, I is for introversion, E is extroversion, S is sensing, N is intuition, T is thinking, F is feeling, J is judging, and P is perceiving. Though these types of personality quizzes aren't necessarily absolute guarantees, they can at least give you an idea about which path you might take based on your particular behavioral traits. So check out what you can bring to the table, as a mother, according to your unique Myers-Briggs personality type.


If you fall into this category, then TMBF noted that an ISTJ is quiet, practical, logical, and values orderliness. So, your chances of being an organized mom who still keeps things fair and balanced is quite high.


According to TMBF, an ISFJ is responsible, committed, considerate, and values harmony. You're probably going to be present for all your child's activities and an engaged member of your community or maybe even head of the PTA.


Though you still may be on the introverted side, it's not for fear of being social. As TMBF noted, an INFJ always looks for meaning, is insightful, perceptive, and confident in their vision. Basically, nothing will get past you as a mom and you're a force to be reckoned with when it comes to parenting.


Similar to the above, you're not a typical hermit. An INTJ sees patterns, values originality, is independent, and sets high standards — both personally and for others, according to TMBF. As a mom, it's safe to say you'll be the go-to gal for ideas, problem-solving, and party-planning since you can balance creativity with responsibility with ease.


As TMBF noted, an ISTP is tolerant, analytical, efficient, and enjoys finding solutions. Basically, don't be surprised if your child chooses you for all their homework problems, relationship issues, and big questions about life. But there's no need to worry since you'll enjoy the process.


In general, an ISFP is sensitive, observant, avoids conflict, and prefers working in their own space at their own pace, according to TMBF. Not to be confused with a push-over, you'll likely still seek the most peaceful resolutions as a mom and may require some alone time afterward to decompress.


As TMBF noted, an INFP is idealistic, curious, adaptable, and remains firmly connected to their values and what truly matters to them. As a mom, you'll always see the best in your family, want to help your children reach their full potential, and be flexible when life throws you a curveball.


Typically, the way an INTP operates is very theoretical, abstract, skeptical, and loves to find the deepest meaning in things, according to TMBF. You'll basically be the Sherlock Holmes of moms. It wouldn't be surprising if you started playing Mozart, reading to your children, and making every activity educational as soon they're born.


As TMBF noted, an ESTP is outgoing, energetic, spontaneous, and prefers to live and act in the present moment. You'll definitely be the fun type of mom who encourages creativity, independence, and never turns down an opportunity for adventure.


You don't just love people, you love everything. An ESFP is social, caring, open to new things, and enjoys the material comforts of life, according to TMBF. It's a safe bet that you'll be the type of mom who values being socially conscious just as much as you love a good ol' spa day.


According to TMBF, an ENFP is imaginative, bright, warm, and improvises easily. If things don't go according to plan, you've got it covered. You'll be the mom who turns an old shirt into a make-shift onesie when your baby unexpectedly ruins their outfit while you're out shopping.


As an ENTP, you're outspoken, vigilant, quick-witted, and routines bore you, according to TMBF. To sum it up, you're the mama bear and no one better mess with your cubs. Plus, your kids won't ever complain about things being too dull because you're always ready to switch things up.


As TMBF noted, an ESTJ is a realist, decisive, focused, and doesn't let anything stand in between them and achieving their goals. They say, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," but that would be an understatement for you. If anyone ever interferes with your family, you will bulldoze them down without even blinking. You are woman and everyone will hear you roar.


In general, an ESFJ is kind, harmonious, cooperative, and always ready to lend a helping hand, according to TMBF. You'll be the kind of mom who needs to watch out for getting played by your kids. It may be hard to lay down the law, since you want everyone to be happy, but you'll find a nurturing way to make it work.


According to TMBF, an ENFJ is empathetic, sensitive, intuitive, and inspires others with their genuine warmth. As a mother, you'll immediately know when something is wrong with your little one. As your child grows older, they'll have no problem turning to you for comfort, advice, or simply a hug.


An ENTJ tends to be blunt, decisive, quick to act, and enjoys expanding their knowledge and a wide array of topics to stay well-informed, as TMBF noted. You may have to be careful not to come on too strong, but your frank yet friendly personality will help you navigate the uncertain waters of motherhood.