when will spirit halloween stores open in 2022? closeup of skull display in the store
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Here's What We Know About When Spirit Halloween Stores Will Open In 2022

Get a jumpstart on Halloween shopping.

It’s almost the time of year when vacant storefronts transform into something much more spooky than their former Toys “R” Us or Babies “R” Us locations: yep, we’re talking Spirit Halloween stores. These pop-up Halloween stores sweep the nation for a short amount of time, bringing costumes and Halloween decorations to the masses. And if you’re the type of person who believes that spooky season starts sometime in August, you’re probably itching to find out when Spirit Halloween stores open in 2022.

When does Spirit Halloween open?

The store has not yet released definite information about when Spirit Halloween locations will be open in 2022, but we do know a few things. First off, a customer service rep for the brand confirmed to Romper over the phone that the Spirit Halloween flagship location in Egg Harbor Towns will open on July 30, 2022. Usually the store’s approximately 1,400 other locations will open within a few weeks of the flagship opening, so it’s safe to expect that most Spirit Halloween locations will open in August; this is confirmed by the store’s “Company Information” page which reads, “Spirit Halloween is open from early August through November 2.” If you just can’t wait (or your kid is begging for their costume already), then you can visit Spirit Halloween online year-round.

How to find Spirit Halloween stores near me

It can sometimes be tricky to find a Spirit Halloween store because they’re not permanent locations and may change year-to-year. After July 25, however, you can visit the Spirit Halloween store finder to find locations near you — because there’s nothing scarier than getting the kids in the car and promising an outing, then realizing the Spirit Halloween from last year doesn’t exist anymore (tell the kids it shape-shifted into a Payless).

What are Spirit Halloween store hours?

Spirit Halloween store hours will vary by location; once each location is announced in late July, use the store finder to found out hours, or call your local store to check.

It won’t be long now until you break out the costumes and find yourself in a pumpkin patch. If you want to get a jumpstart on Halloween 2022 even before Spirit Halloween stores open in early August, check out the store’s website for costumes, legit scary animatronics you can decorate your yard or a haunted house with, and other fun Halloween decor.