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Here's When You Can Hit Whole Foods On New Year's Eve & Day

You can still get some shopping done.

There’s nothing like starting off the new year with a stocked pantry and fridge full of groceries from Whole Foods. It’s easy enough to make it happen, too, as long as you know what your local Whole Foods New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day hours are. Since both days are considered holidays, store hours will vary, so you’ll need to plan out your trip to the grocery.

Is Whole Foods Open On New Year’s Eve 2021?

In an email to Romper, a Whole Foods representative confirmed that stores will be open on New Year’s Eve, but “hours may be limited and will vary by location.” So, essentially, while you can most likely count on your neighborhood store to be open for business as the year comes to a close, don’t try to cut your last-minute shopping too close because employees might be packing up early so they can get home to ring in the New Year with their family and friends. Chances are good you’ll be able to pick up what you need before they close for the night, but you should probably give your local store a call to confirm their hours before you head over.

Is Whole Foods Open On New Year’s Day 2022?

As for Whole Foods’ New Year’s Day 2022 hours, their representative tells Romper the same situation applies. Shoppers can expect most stores to be open, however, it’s likely that hours will be modified for the holiday. Again, there aren’t any set hours of operation for stores so they’ll vary by location, meaning that if you’re hoping to run over first thing in the morning on New Year’s Day, you may find yourself waiting in an empty parking lot. Consider calling your store to confirm hours before you make your way over, or you can check the online store locator to see if their hours have been updated to reflect the holiday schedule.

While their hours may be limited, you can at least rest assured that your local Whole Foods will be open at some point on Dec. 31, 2021, as well as on Jan. 1, 2022, so you’ll be able to stock up your home with some delicious fresh food.