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Here's The Deal With Whole Foods' Store Hours On New Year's Eve & New Year Day 2020/2021

They've got you covered.

Whether you forgot something to make a New Year’s Eve feast, or you’re just looking to wander the aisles of what feels like the grocery store version of a high-end department store, you may be wondering what Whole Foods New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day store hours are this year. After all, there’s nothing quite like going out to get eggs and milk and coming back with cassava flour tortillas, avocado ice cream, and a fancy kombucha (and a lighter wallet, I might add).

Many stores close for the first of the year, but you may be in luck if you live near a Whole Foods and you’re suddenly craving a mimosa to welcome in 2021. Whole Foods says on their corporate website that “many of our stores are open for modified hours on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and New Years Day. We're closed on Christmas Day. Check your local store page for details.” You can find information about your local store here, and it’s never a bad idea to call ahead (my local store has an automated message with holiday hours clearly listed, so it was quick and easy to find out, no weird hold music required). The Whole Foods near me, for example, will be open normal hours on NYE and open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Jan.1. Just note that because of the altered hours, there won’t be separate hours for seniors on holidays (at my location, at least) so you may not want to send your parents out to get the maple syrup you swore you had in the pantry.