A pregnant woman drinking water from a bottle while holding her belly.

Why You're Always So Hot During Pregnancy

by Leah Carton

If you're pregnant, no matter what the weather is like outside, you likely break out in a sweat more than once a day. Forget about worrying about your water breaking, you're currently a little too preoccupied trying to do something about those sweat stains. Does this annoyance have you thinking: "why am I always hot during pregnancy?"

Sweating while pregnant is normal, and there are multiple reasons for why it happens. In an interview with Parenting, professor of obstetrics at the University of Florida at Gainesville Dr. Patrick Duff said that your body acts as a radiator for your baby when you're pregnant. Duff further elaborated and said that your cardiovascular system gets rid of the energy that flows as the fetus grows, which definitely starts to heat up the room and make you sweat.

But a growing fetus isn't the only reason you're one hot mom-to-be. According to Baby Center, drops in estrogen as your hormone levels run wild are also to blame for sweaty days and nights.

So, when exactly should you expect to feel extra hot? Does it get better or will it get worse? According to What To Expect, the heat heightens during your first trimester, third trimester, and postpartum, since these are the times you're experiencing hormonal swings. What To Expect also offered some tips for moms looking for ways to ease the sweat. The site suggested you should try to wear loose clothing, avoid spicy foods, and drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. These tips will help you to stay comfortable, and dry, as you carry out your pregnancy.

It's no secret that it takes a lot of work to have a baby. But, just try to think of that finish line at times when you're feeling overwhelmingly warm. Think of your future little one and that'll certainly cool you down as you're heating up — don't sweat it.