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If You're Feeling Itchy After A Wax, This Could Be Why

Plus, how to prevent getting itchy in the first place.

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Even people who get bikini waxes regularly can have a few questions about the hair removal process. For instance, why is my vagina itchy after a waxing? Is that supposed to happen? Here’s what expert estheticians and doctors have to say about the itch factor, as well as advice for those who want to make waxing appointments a little easier.

Most anybody who removes the hair down there will experience a little itchiness from time to time. In fact, just over 80% of people who removed their genital hair reported itchiness as a side effect, even if they used another form of hair removal such as shaving, according to a 2015 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. And there’s a reason waxing in particular may cause a serious case of the itchies. “Having a bikini wax causes local inflammation of the hair follicles and opening of the skin barrier by producing microscopic injuries and wounds,” Dr. Alexandra Bausic, Board Certified OB/GYN (and part of the crew), tells Romper. “Depending on your skin sensibility and hormonal balance some women may be more or less prone to develop itchiness as a consequence.” Even waxing pros acknowledge that waxing just isn’t the best hair removal technique for everybody, particularly those with very sensitive skin. “As a wax queen, I’d love for all women to experience the joy of a polished pearl but in reality waxing isn’t for everyone and there are contraindications and mild side effects. Before considering waxing as a hair removal method, consult with your local esthetician,” Shateiqua Young, CEO and Founder of Queens Crown, tells Romper. Here are some other reasons you may experience itchiness after waxing, as well as some tips on making the whole experience a little more pleasant.

Dry Skin

“It's common to feel an itch after a fresh wax for people who have sensitive skin or dry skin,” Dr. Monica Grover, Double Board Certified Gynecologist at VSPOT Sexual Health Spa tells Romper. “To prevent that common itch after a wax, you should moisturize your pubic area daily; especially the days before a wax.” Using a simple fragrance-free moisturizer for sensitive skin is a safe start, according to Bustle, or you could invest in an entire skin care regime for your privates.

Hair Is Growing Back

This could be the case if you’re feeling itchy a few days after the appointment. “Itching when the hair starts to grow back can be normal, also as the hair tries to come back through the skin,” POMP Beauty Esthetician Nicole Hatfield tells Romper. You can’t exactly stop the hair growth, but you can help manage the irritating feeling. “You should also exfoliate once the hair starts growing again so that the hair can exit the follicle without becoming ingrown. You can use a loofa to gently exfoliate,” says Hatfield.

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Sweat Irritation

Give your privates some breathing room before and after a wax. “If you go after a busy day, after you sweat a lot, the local moisture of the area can increase the chance of an allergic reaction after waxing,” says Dr. Bausic. Aim for a morning appointment, or any time of day that isn’t terribly hectic for you.

You’re Reacting To Something In The Wax

“Using quality wax is important to ensure post-wax results. Some wax companies use additives like fragrance, resin and other synthetic ingredients that may cause irritation and itching,” says Young. Tell your esthetician if you have sensitive skin or any allergies.

It Needs A Rest

Stick to low-key activities in the hours after your appointment. “After your wax appointment it is best to avoid exercising, bathing, swimming, saunas and sex for 24 hours. Keep your little lady clean and dry,” says Young. It can also help prevent the spread of bacteria.

It’s Reacting To Tight Clothes

Again, everything down there needs to rest and chill on wax day. “To prevent itchiness associated with waxing, you should try to wear breathable and airy clothing,” says Hatfield.

You Showered Right Beforehand

Showing up to your appointment clean is a great idea, of course, but don’t head to your waxing immediately after a shower. “Be careful, a shower just before your appointment won’t help you, it will worsen the situation. Hair follicles and pores will be open due to the warm water and the skin will be more prone to develop irritation,” says Dr. Bausic. Thankfully, by following the advice of doctors and waxing pros, you can make your future wax appointments a little less itchy.


Dr. Alexandra Bausic, Board Certified OBGYN (and part of the crew)

Shateiqua Young, CEO and Founder of Queens Crown

Dr. Monica Grover, Double Board Certified Gynecologist at VSPOT Sexual Health Spa and Sexual Health and Wellness Specialist

Nicole Hatfield, POMP Beauty Esthetician

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