This 5-Year-Old Boy Dressed Up As Stefon From 'SNL' Needs A Job On "Weekend Update" STAT

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Halloween is almost here, and while all the adults are running around trying to figure out the coolest costume, a little boy channeling an iconic character from Saturday Night Live already has us all beat. Really, this kid dressed up as Stefon from SNL is quite possibly the most adorable costume I've ever seen. Move over, tiny ghosts and princesses, because 5-year-old Jude is here to win every costume contest out there, no competition necessary.

On Monday, the official Saturday Night Live Instagram account posted a photo of a little boy named Jude dressed as Stefon from "Weekend Update" on SNL, who was played by Bill Hader on the comedy show. The post has gotten over 130,000 likes and hundreds of comments as of Tuesday afternoon, which is incredibly impressive. Even Chrissy Teigen, who is arguably the queen of the internet, "liked" the shot.

"I can’t believe how many likes it’s gotten so far!" Jude's mom, Britney Jones, tells Romper via email. "When I saw Chrissy liked his photo I was freaking out because I love her! Then I saw where Norman Reedus liked it as well and couldn’t believe it."

And, of course, SNL fans also chimed with some hilarious and spot-on comments of their own. "The hottest club for the pre-K scene is called Play-Doe. It's got everything: bendy straws, untied wet shoelaces, and airborne sneezes," one such comment on Instagram read.

According to Jones, Jude is a very "fun" little boy and "is always happy" to dress up as fun, iconic characters, even if he may be too young to understand just how adored Stefon is by SNL diehards. In fact, this is not the first time Jude has stepped into the role of a famous character.

"I am a huge fan of SNL and have always wanted to be a cast member," Jones tells Romper, adding that she and her husband, along with Jude, have dressed as different SNL characters for the past few years. "Me as Gilly, my husband as Stefon, Jude as Wayne Campbell (twice)," she said.

One year, as Jones tells Romper, Jude dressed as Wayne by himself, and one year he did the costume with a friend as Garth, as seen in the photo below.

As for the latest look, Jones tells Romper, "I had the shirt and sleeves and just thought Jude would make the cutest Stefon. Jude is funny and loves to make people laugh so I thought it would be a perfect fit." And I think it's safe to say, it absolutely was.

Although Jude has not actually seen the Stefon skits "due to the nature of content," Jones says she has shown him some parts and "showed him tons of pictures of him and he thinks it’s hilarious."

According to Jones, this is the third year in a row SNL has shared a photo of Jude, and she's hoping the third time's the charm and the show will offer their family tickets to a showing in response. "It would be a dream to attend a live show!" she tells Romper.

And in very pleasantly surprising news, Jones says she's noticed "nothing but positive things" in the comments on the SNL Instagram post. Indeed, a quick look at the responses show that they range from "He wins best costume!!!" to "Omg!! Love it! Get this kid and Stefon on SNL, ASAP!!"

But if you're all concerned about competing with Jude with your own Stefon costume this Halloween, as it turns out, the little boy has other plans for the Oct. 31 holiday. "This was just a fun dress up day because he’s obsessed with The Incredibles and will be Dash for Halloween," Jude's mom tells Romper, adding that Jude has also been Harry Potter and Dobby in the past, so clearly, this kid has an affinity for rocking an awesome character costume.

Who knows? Maybe Jude even has a future in playing other people, like the cast members on SNL do week after week. His mom can dream, right?