5 Mom-Approved Tips For First-Time Bra Shopping

By Rebecca Hastings

Bra shopping with my daughter wasn’t something that anyone prepared me for. Sure, I knew it needed to happen, but I didn’t want her to feel awkward about it and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure where to start.

Were we supposed to begin with a training bra? Are training bras even a thing anymore? Sports bras seem like a good starting point, but what about sizing? And when should she switch to a more traditional bra? Then there was my biggest concern — how was my daughter going to feel about all this?

In the midst of these swirling questions and concerns, I decided to focus on the most important thing — comfort. Not just the comfort of her first bra (which was essential!), but it was crucial that both of us approached this complicated topic with as much ease and as few anxieties as possible.

And now that it’s over, I’m pleased to report that we survived! Both she and I learned a lot, the most important thing being that bra shopping for the first time is only as big of a deal as you make it.

To share the tips that I wish I had known before going into this experience, I teamed up with Romper and Athleta Girl to help you embark on this new chapter with way more confidence than you have worries. Read on to get started.

A good rule of thumb is to start the bra talk sooner than you think you need to — this will help gauge your daughter’s overall comfort with the subject. Keep the conversation fun and light so you can both move forward into this new phase without too much pressure.

Pro tip: With a strappy-back, ultra-soft fabric, and a barely there feel, the Upbeat Bra 2.0 is perfect style for beginners!

Kids can tell when something is a big deal. While getting your daughter a bra for the first time is a milestone, it doesn’t need to be a serious event. Before you go shopping, try showing her resources like catalogues or websites to help her understand the different styles of bras available. Let her know you’re open to casually chatting about any questions she may have on the topic.

When you’re at the store, don’t avoid the bra section. Instead, walk through it and point out some cute styles and useful features like removable pads, which Athleta Girl includes in all their L-XXL styles. Getting her familiar with what’s out there is the first step to making her feel more comfortable with bras.

If she's a fan of all things soft and stretchy, the All Day Bra is a great choice for everyday wear!

All bras feel different, so picking two or three different styles to try out at home can be extremely useful. From sizes to fabrics, giving your daughter the chance to try varying styles will teach her what does — and doesn’t — work for her.

And when she finds a style that works for her, don’t hesitate to also snag it in a larger size so it can grow with her — Athleta Girl recently added XXL as a new size so girls can transition into women's bras on their own time.

Lastly, take her lifestyle into consideration when picking out what works for her. For example, if she's all about playing sports and being active, the Spring Forward Bra offers a sporty fit with gentle support.

With so many styles and colors, girls can have fun choosing bras that represent their personalities, making them feel more at ease with this new experience.

Remember, bras don’t need to be boring! Her favorite colors or a fun camo print like the Speed Racer Bra may be just the thing that makes her feel most like herself in the midst of this transition.

Oftentimes the easiest way to help your daughter transition into bra shopping is to do it digitally! This gives her the ability to look at a wide range of styles, pick what she likes (we're loving the bold pattern of the Printed Upbeat Bra), and then try them on in the comfort of home so she doesn’t feel any undue pressure.

No matter how you and your daughter are feeling about entering this new phase, you can't go wrong when you prioritize versatility and comfort. With thoughtful designs and endless style options, Athleta Girl will help you take this new world by storm.

This feature is sponsored by Athleta Girl.