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10 Adorable Photos Of Khloé Kardashian's Daughter True That'll Make You Say "Aww"

There’s no doubt that the Kardashians create some of the cutest babies around, and because the family is so dedicated to documenting their lives on social media, we get to enjoy those little faces all the time. Khloé Kardashian, for instance, gives regular updates of her little girl on her Instagram account and here are 10 of those adorable photos of Kardashian’s daughter True that will make any day that much better.

True Thompson was born to Kardashian and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson on April 12, 2018 amidst a cheating scandal that dominated headlines, according to The Sun. The little one appears to have brought the couple closer than ever though since they’ve been spotted out on date nights, and even vacationing together since baby True's birth, according to Marie Claire, which also reported that the little family took a vacation back in September along with Kris Jenner and her boyfriend to an undisclosed location. At the time, Kardashian shared a video on Instagram that showed True snuggled up and asleep in her arms while Thompson slept just a few feet away on the private jet. “Like Father like Daughter,” she captioned the moment.

Since last April, amidst all the drama, Kardashian has shared so many sweet moments of her life with Baby True and it's clear she's absolutely smitten with her daughter. Without further ado, let's have a look at some of the cutest ones thus far.

Just Like Her Mama

Earlier this month, Kardashian posted an adorable shot of True totally enamored with a makeup brush from her cosmetics line. "My little Becca Bff approves of mommies and aunties collab with @beccacosmetics. True’s Makeup tutorial will be uploaded shortly.. ok calm down, I’m just kidding about the tutorial guys," she captioned the shot.

Baby Rolls

In July, the happy mom posted these two photos of True, one yawning and the other with her bottom lip thrust out in a little pout. The infant was in a cute summery dress and hat and looks cozy and warm, just out of the summer sun. Kardashian asked the age-old question about why rolls on babies just too cute to believe, writing: "Mood PS why are rolls soooooo cute on babies?!"

An Early Modeling Career

In August, Kardashian posted a photo of baby True with her cousin, Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter Penelope, taking mock photos while True sat in her booster seat. The room was awash in pink as True gazed, enraptured, at the toy camera that Penelope had trained on her adorable chubby cheeks.

"These are the moments I’ve been waiting for!!! how blessed am I?!?! P is an incredible photographer! And True is a very good baby model lol (she sort of had no choice)," she captioned the sweet post.

Mugging For Mom

Playing in a ball pit brought out all kinds of joy for True in this January photo where she gave a huge grin to the camera. In her bright eyes and genuine smile, it’s easy to see her resemblance to her mother.

Celebrating With Dress Up

Back in October, Kardashian shared a series of photos with fans of True dressed up in her Halloween best. The snaps are a series that show the little girl as a fluffy pig and sheep, and twinning with mom as a tiger. Alongside Halloween wishes Kardashian wrote “I swear she loves dressing up!” That makes her a Kardashian for sure.

And Holiday Glam

Mom and True love to dress as twins and they did so again for the annual Kardashian Christmas party. Kardashian apparently had both her and True’s dresses and a sparkly baby turban custom made by Monica Ivena, who she thanked in her caption. “True you make everything so much more precious and memorable!!” she also wrote.

Dressed In Sunday Best

Those little bare feet! Just before Christmas, Kardashian sat True down on the couch and snapped another cute pic. The little girl was dressed in a pink wrap shirt and pants and yet another head-covering, this time a knit wrap. As always, she looked alert, happy, and attentive to the camera. Mom took the opportunity to wish her fans happy Sunday and to send wishes for blessings.

Enraptured By Nature

At the botanical gardens back in December both mom and baby looked glam as Kardashian posed with a butterfly on her hand, which had True’s full attention. Mom was wrapped up for winter in a colorful pink and blue shag coat while True looked cozy in her black Baby Bjorn carrier with a white winter cap.

Ready For Bed

Showing off True’s pierced ears, Kardashian opted to take a quick pic when she put her down for the night. “Sweet Dreams,” she wrote on a photo of a happy and smiling True decked out as a bedtime unicorn in an adorable cap with silver horn and ears.

Pretty In Pink

When cousin Penelope came to visit back in November, Kardashian took a minute to pose the two of them together. While True looked purely joyful at the opportunity Penelope wore a contemplative look, similar to mom Kourtney’s thoughtful expression. Khloe used the photo to express how much she loves being a mom and an aunt and to implore time to slow down.

The Kardashians are some of the most photographed people on the planet and if these photos of True looking sweet and sassy are any indication, she’s a great fit for this feisty and fashionable clan. Keep watching mama’s Instagram, many more pics are sure to come.