10 Beautiful Baby Names With 6 Syllables That You Can't Help But Sing

I'll admit I do like the concept of searching for a baby name by the number of syllables. If you or your partner have a very long first name, perhaps you'd like to continue the tradition. Alternatively, if you happen to have a very short surname of only one syllable, you might want to balance it out with a longer first name. If either of those scenarios describes your baby-naming situation, here are some baby names with six syllables to get the ball rolling.

From Alexanderina to Maximiliano, baby names with six syllables are, to be honest, a little tricky to find. Most of them are of Greek, Spanish, or Hawaiian origin, which make them sound quite musical, and work perfectly if you or your partner happen to be of any of those origins. Many long names also happen to lend themselves to cute nicknames for casual settings — Alek for Alekanekelo, for example — and still give you a lot to work with in more formal settings.

There are two certainties with most of these six-syllable first names. Your kindergartener's class is going to struggle to pronounce it, but once they figure it out, your kid will be impossible to forget.



There's something about the name Alexanderina that makes you think about a Russian princess from years ago, back before things got quite so complicated between them and the U.S. Apparently, though, Alexanderina means "protector of the people," according to Cute Baby Names, which definitely gives it strength as a baby name.



While the name Mariaelena doesn't have a direct meaning, according to most sites, it does have a certain personality type. First Names Meanings said, "Maria-Eléna is a very sentimental creature who dreams of a cosy home and a heart that will keep her warm for a lifetime, and her priorities in life are to love and to be loved in return," which doesn't sound all that bad for your little one.



While the meaning of the 6-syllable name Maximiliana isn't terribly exotic (it means "the largest" according to Cute Baby Names), the name itself is quite striking. It's also very uncommon, almost guaranteeing your child is the only one in her class with this musical moniker.



If you're on the hunt for a very long baby name, names of Hawaiian origin might be the way to go. They sound melodic and tend to involve a whole lot of syllables. Kekiokolanee might need a good nickname for your kid's preschool and kindergarten years, but with the meaning funny, honest and trustworthy, according to Our Baby Namer, she should be all set.



Maximiliano might be the most common name on this long-name list. Whereas the feminine version, Maximiliana, allegedly means the largest, Baby Center reported that Maximilano means the greatest.



The name Alekanekelo has origins in both Greek and Hawaiian, but both names mean defending men, according to The Name Meaning. It could be nicely shortened to Alek, at least for little siblings to try to pronounce!



If you have any Native American heritage, a name like Attakullakulla might suit your little one. It means pitched trees, according to She Knows, which gives it immediate added strength and stature for your baby boy.



A very unusual baby girl name, Elepheteria is Greek and means "free," said She Knows. The site elaborated, explaining: "People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom." What an incredible legacy to bestow upon your child!



This Portuguese name is not only beautiful for a baby girl, but it means "sun gods," according to Cute Baby Names, giving it a particularly lustrous feel.



While you won't hear the name Eleuterio very often in the United States, its Spanish origin gives it a lovely ring. First Name Meanings explained that a child named Eleuterio is one who "likes to communicate and express himself, enjoys the company of others, life's pleasures, laughing and having fun."