10 Beach Baby Toys To Keep Even The Littlest Beach Bums Happy

There are so many adorable baby beach accessories and toys out there that are just perfect for fun in the sun. That's right, the first official day of summer is June 21, and with temperatures on the rise, the season is so close I can almost feel the ocean breeze on my face and sand in my toes. After all, summer really isn't summer unless there's at least one beach day on the calendar. Do you have plans to hit the beach with your little one this summer? If this is baby's first time at the beach, prepare yourself for a hilarious reaction when their toes touch the sand and ocean for the first time — they'll either cry or laugh, and I hope it's the latter.

Safety alert: as much as I love all that vitamin D, remember the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends babies under 6 months of age should be kept out of direct sunlight. You can still have lots of fun at the beach, but take precaution by finding shade and wearing brimmed hats and sun protective swimwear. Parents can apply a minimal amount of sunscreen with at least 15 SPF on infants under 6 months to small areas like the face and back of hands.


FoxPrint Beach Sand Toy 16-Piece Set

Digging in the sand (and potentially eating some of it in the process) will likely be your baby's favorite activity at the beach. This 16-piece sand toy set will really add to the fun, as they'll love seeing what sculptures, animals, moats, and castles they can create! Pack it away in a carrying tote that doubles as another sand toy.


Snappy Play Towel

I love the versatility that Snappy Towels provide: this super absorbent microfiber towel collection can be used as a play mat for baby, a towel, and snaps along the edges making it a handy changing cover if you need it.


Beach Tent With Pool

If baby's not quite ready to frolic in the ocean waves, I love this highly-rated beach tent with pool from Easeable that allows you to bring the water to them. Baby can splash around, not miss out on any of the fun, and be protected from the sun at the same time.


Double Sand Wheel Toy

Your baby will likely be enamored with the sand around them, and this double sand wheel toy from Small World Toys gives them an extra way to get their hands covered in it. Spin the wheels and watch as sand pours from the top.


Personalized Beach Bucket

I love these personalized beach bucket accessories from DeEllaDesigns on Etsy. They're cute as can be, and practically speaking, having your name on items makes them a lot easier to locate after a long day of playing with other children — toys are bound to get mixed together.


Sand Play Tanker Truck

This sand play tanker truck by Haba is as sturdy as they come and ready for a day at the beach. I love its functionality; store more dirt in the back or use it as a watering can!


Stacking Cups

I know babies love to stack anything they can get their hands on, then topple it over as fast as they can. These baby stacking cups found on Amazon are perfect for the beach: lightweight and sturdy with holes in the bottom making them easy to wash off later.


Castle Sand Pit

Building a sand castle at the beach is about as classic a summer activity as you can get, and I love the way this castle sand pit helps you make that happen easily. Baby will love these sturdy castle blocks and hey, it might make a perfect play pen when it's done.


Mesh Beach Bag

OK, truth be told this accessory is more for parents than kids, but I couldn't resist including it here. This mesh beach bag is the perfect item to haul all those sandy beach toys, wet swimsuits, flip flops, you name it. The best part is it's easily washable and will be ready for your next trip to the beach in no time.


Watering Can Toy

An essential beach toy, this watering can is easy for babies to grip, and I love the bold colors and shower nozzle effect when water is poured out.