10 Beautiful Gaelic Baby Names That Are Surprisingly Not More Popular

If you're naming a baby in the near future, why not look to Ireland for inspiration? As gorgeous as they are unusual, Gaelic baby names deserve more recognition. They're the right amount of different while still maintaining a strong history.

Although you'll get a few Cians and Caoimhes toddling around the playgrounds in Ireland, few outside the community make use of these traditional and beautiful names. It's a shame, too, because the Gaelic language has so many poetic and lovely turns of phrase.

What exactly is Gaelic, though? Well, there isn't a super simple answer. Irish Gaelic is a term sometimes used to refer to the Irish language, and Gaelic typically refers to Scottish Gaelic, according to Mental Floss. (It's confusing.) At any rate, there are three varieties of Gaelic spoken in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Mann, which are in use to varying degrees today. If you've ever seen the term "Sláinte!" exclaimed around St. Patrick's Day, then you know how to say the equivalent of "Cheers!" in Irish Gaelic.

Whatever their exact origins, these beautiful words need more play in the baby naming world. Read on to find the perfect name for your own little babaí (baby).



This beautiful name has its origins in nature. Adair refers to a crossing at an oak tree, according to Baby Names. If you're an avid nature lover, it's a perfect moniker for your baby, and what could be a better name inspiration than a strong oak tree?



It sounds like such a strong, stately name, right? Brann is a Gaelic reference to raven, as noted in She Knows. (No spoilers, but there's at least a few Game of Thrones fans freaking out right now. That character's name was not a coincidence, I guess.)



How cool is this one? Conall means powerful wolf in Gaelic, as noted in Baby Names. This kid will have one of the most ferocious names on the playground — It's wild.



OK, but this might be the best name you'll ever see. Ever. Devlyn is a Gaelic baby name that means fierce, as explained in She Knows. I mean, do you even need to consider other names now? Just call your child fierce and you're done. The goddess Tyra will give your kid blessings forever.



This one isn't too hard to figure out. Eirelyn is a Gaelic name term meaning Irish, as noted in Just Mommies. It's also a lovely girl's name, this homage to the beautiful country.



I'm a little baffled that these gorgeous names aren't more popular already. For instance, Curra is a Gaelic name meaning hero or spear, as noted in Mom Junction. It sounds so cool and elegant, I could see it working for pretty much any kid.



It's one of those names that's simple, easy to spell, and somehow rarely used. Quinn means wise or reasonable, as noted in Baby Names. Hey, the world always needs more reasonable people, so it's a perfect baby name in my book.



This girl's name is so beautiful and striking. Pronounced "Shiv-awn," Siobhan refers to God's graciousness, according to Family Education. Alternative spellings include Shavon and Chevonne, so you have several options.



I don't know, but something about these names with epic meanings just gets to me. For instance, Keane means ancient one, according to Baby Names. It's such a mysterious and powerful moniker for a tiny baby, right?



Firas means lion, according to Mom Junction. Combine this name with Devlyn and you'll have the most badass kid of all time. Basically, just look to Gaelic terms any time you need inspiration for a powerful name.

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