The Old Navy Holiday Sale Is On Fire: $4 Tees & $9 Hooded Onesies

Most of the time, last-minute holiday shopping is to be advised against (unless you like stress, exorbitant shipping prices, and discovering everything you wanted is already sold out). But there is one silver lining to gift-hunting at this increasingly late hour in the season: Bargains, like the many deals available at Old Navy right now. Of course, with so many marked-down options to choose from, you might want to do a little research before you start scrolling. So what should you get at the Old Navy holiday sale?

When it comes to deals, you really can't beat Old Navy for incredibly low prices. And when we say low, we mean so low you could theoretically knock several people off your gift list at once for under 20 bucks! Perhaps even more importantly, none of these gifts look inexpensive. We're talking classic sweaters, snazzy accessories, and the kind of comfy lounge wear they'll want to change right into the second they open the box. Plus, there's something for almost everyone, even if you don't know their specific size. That's what we call an actual Christmas miracle!

Here's a look at some of the best deals happening at Old Navy right now.


For The Late Sleeper

Printed Flannel Sleep Set ($22, Old Navy)

Pajamas are a classic holiday gift, but they can be super pricey. Not at Old Navy! Available in either a red buffalo plaid or dog print, this snuggly set was originally $32.


For The Always Accessorized

Lightweight Printed Scarf ($15, Old Navy)

Accessory aficionados know: You can never have too many scarves! This one comes in a variety of prints and was originally $16.99.


For The Friend Who Refuses To Wear A Beanie

Classic Felt Fedora ($20, Old Navy)

A good hat is an essential addition to any winter wardrobe, but you don't have to go the beanie route to stay warm. Originally $22.99, this fedora is timeless and sophisticated.


For The Low-Key Funny Guy

Novelty Print Boxers ($6-$9, Old Navy)

Nothing says "Hey, I'm actually hilarious" like a pair of boxers with bacon and eggs all over them (or gingerbread men on skis, or Christmas cacti, which are some of the other designs available), originally $9.99.


For The New Addition

Hooded Jersey One-Piece ($9, Old Navy)

There's nothing cuter than a baby in holiday-themed clothes, and this onesie (originally $16.99) is also available in a penguins-in-sweaters print. Squee!


For The 'Kitten' Who's Always Losing Her Mittens

Metallic-Sweater Trapper Hat & Mittens Set ($10, Old Navy)

Parents of small children know to stock up on outerwear when prices are good, because mittens have a way of going missing. This set, originally $19.99, is so cute she definitely won't want to lose track of it!


For The Lady Who Layers

Semi-Fitted Open-Front Sweater ($15, Old Navy)

The cardigan might just be the most useful item of clothing ever invented, especially for anyone who works in an office that goes from freezing cold or boiling hot and back again. Plus, this pink piece (originally $24.99) adds a nice pop of color to any outfit.


For Literally Any Guy

Crew-Neck Sweater ($15, Old Navy)

Shopping for clothes for other people can be tricky, but a basic crew-neck like this one is a flattering choice for pretty much any human man. And since it was originally $30, it's a total steal!


For the Unabashedly Festive

Holiday Graphic Tee ($4, Old Navy)

Anybody who's been in the holiday spirit since the day after Halloween will wear this whimsical tee with pride. And did we mention it's 4 bucks? (Originally $14.99.)


For The Jewelry Junkie

Adjustable Beaded Necklace ($7, Old Navy)

Cute with almost any kind of top (and for any type of occassion), this necklace was originally $14.99.