The 10 Most Popular Romance Novels of 2018 That Are Seriously *Hot*

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Even if your bookcases are filled with the kind of Pulitzer-winning, critically acclaimed titles that appeal to the loftiest of book clubs, you might find yourself turning to more... frivolous fare during the summer months. When you're lying on a beach or beside the pool, you need a good, steamy affair to complete your escape — and the most popular romance novels of 2018 include tales for every taste.

Whether your preference for love stories leans towards bodice-rippers or literary rom-coms or those involving spies or paranormal paramours, you're guaranteed to find exactly what you need. From books that are getting serious buzz on Goodreads to New York Times bestsellers to highly-rated Amazon picks, the options on this list are among the most popular this year for a reason. Some are straight-up sexy (or maybe even a little trashy), others are suspenseful, still others are surprisingly thoughtful. All of them are endlessly entertaining; as in, you're going to have to stop yourself from devouring an entire book in one sitting. (Then again, if you go the speed-reading route, you might have time to read them all before the summer is over!)

Just make sure you keep your reading material away from certain prying eyes, because these books are definitely not the type to be included on any elementary school summer reading lists.