10 Best Sheet Masks For Moms: Freak Out Your Kids While Pampering Your Skin

The ongoing sheet mask craze is definitely one of the most popular trends in the beauty world at the moment, but there's one demographic that tends to find these treatments more freaky than fabulous: little kids. As moms everywhere are discovering, babies and toddlers don't necessarily react all that well to the sight of their mommy in a mask that makes her look like some sort of horror movie monster — which is awful, but also sort of hilarious. So what are some crazy sheet masks sure to freak out your kids?

In truth, just about any old sheet mask will probably give your kid the creeps. I found this out the hard way when my 16-year-old daughter came out of her room wearing a standard sheet mask and my 3-year-old son broke down sobbing hysterically. Turned out he thought her face was going to look that way forever, poor guy! Now we wait until after he's asleep to try any beauty treatments that make us look like victims of some freak glue factory accident. Maybe when he's a little older he'll get over his phobia, or maybe he's scarred for life? If the latter is true, surely there'll be plenty of other people his age who'll be able to relate. ("And then one day I saw my mom come out of the bathroom looking like her face melted off!")

Of course, some sheet masks are even weirder looking than others. So if your mission in life is to inspire a lifetime of beauty product-related nightmares, then these masks will definitely do the trick.


Mummy Bubble Mask

Mummy Whipping Bubble Cleansing Masks ($28 for 4 masks, Cailyn Cosmetics)

Any mask with the word "mummy" in the title promises to be terrifying, and this one gets even scarier when it bubbles up on your face (thanks to "oxygenated cleansing bubbles imbued within a unique mold-inducing microfiber," according to the manufacturer).


Gold Therapy Mask

Intracell 24K Gold Therapy Mask ($3, Beauteque)

If you've ever dreamed of having a face full of sequins or just want to trick your kid into thinking you've grown a layer of glitzy scales, this is absolutely the mask for you!


PowerFoil Mask

Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask ($23, Estée Lauder)

Sure, you could probably achieve a similarly robot-like look with plain old aluminum foil, but then you wouldn't get the "ultimate infusion of youthful moisture" this mask promises.


Anti-Wrinkle Pug Face Mask

Baby Pet Magic Mask Anti-Wrinkle Pug ($19 for 5 masks, Amazon)

Ordinarily, pugs are super cute. This mask, though? "Cute" isn't the first word that comes to mind, even if it does fight wrinkles.


Emoji Sheet Mask

Emoji Happy Face Sheet Mask ($19 for 8 masks, Amazon)

If you're thinking that an emoji mask couldn't possibly be scary, well, just watch this video. (Spoiler alert: An emoji mask can be scary! Like, so much scarier than you would expect.)

See? You'll never look at an emoji the same way again (nor will your kid!).


Panda Sheet Mask

Pretty Animalz Panda Calming Mask ($4, Target)

Awwww, pandas! They're so adorable! Except not when they're in sheet mask form, as the video below proves. (The otter featured in this clip is fairly freaky, too, but something about the panda is just so ominous.)


Strawberry Girl Mask

Skin79 Strawberry Girl Fruit Mask ($3, Beauteque)

Once again, you'd think something with a name like "Strawberry Girl" would be kid-friendly — until you start to really, really think about what a strawberry would look like as a human. Not cute! Not cute at all.


Gold Collagen Anti-Aging Mask

Jovena Beauty Gold Collagen Anti-Aging Mask ($14 for 4 masks, Amazon)

Another gold mask, but less scaly and more "someone tried to kill me by pouring liquid gold all over me like in that James Bond movie," the luxe nature of this mask will likely be lost on your kid.


Lace Sheet Mask

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Lifting Lace Mask ($16 for 8 masks, Amazon)

This mask could be considered whimsically delicate and feminine, except that it's totally disturbing. In fact, don't be surprised if your kids mistake you for some comic book villain as you emerge from the bathroom.


Character Mask Set

The Sound of Your Heart Facial Mask Set ($7 for 4 masks, Amazon)

Um, where to even begin with these masks? I'm not entirely sure who these cartoon characters are meant to be, though the Amazon description promises each mask is "safe to your skin as it used natural derived pulp of which material is the same as the fabric of diaper for sensitive baby skin and its double sheet structure helps essence stayed in your skin for a long time." (In other words, buy these immediately.) Just look at them out of the package!

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