10 Shoes For Swollen Pregnant Feet, Because You Have To Leave The House Eventually

by Cat Bowen

Pregnancy is replete with many indignities, from belching like a trucker to vomiting for three months to the third trimester waddle walk that a pregnant woman will inevitably master like a pro. One of the crueler and more uncomfortable slings and arrows of gestation is achy, swollen feet that diminish the available shoe supply by forcing women out of the cute shoes they've been donning since forever. They're at an impasse, and probably frustrated. But what are the best shoes for swollen pregnant feet beyond that single pair of flip flops that you found that fit?

The easiest course, in this case, is not always the best one. The Guardian reported that podiatrists have warned that pregnant women need more supportive footwear when they're in the later stages of their pregnancy. A 2014 study on the health of pregnant women's feet concluded that women need to pay particular care to the shoes they choose, because it can greatly impact their quality of life. Researchers wrote that the needs of pregnant women are different because "pregnant women have higher midfoot pressures, higher hindfoot pressures and lower forefoot pressures," due to the changes in their gate, shoe size, joint elasticity, and edema. They continued, "Dynamic measurements show an increased maximal force in all areas." Simply put, your feet change, and your body changes, and that impacts how you walk and the shoes required. Pregnant women need ease, support, and stretch to accommodate their fickle feet and support them as they walk.


Bass Polly Slide Driver

These shoes are cute, comfortable, and they have plenty of support and grip. Because they're 100 percent genuine leather, they have more give to them.


Birkenstock Leather Clog

These shoes aren't going to win any beauty competitions, but Birkenstocks have been making a splash lately, so you may as well ride that horse until it starts to foam if you're pregnant. These adjustable leather clogs from the iconic company are as comfortable as they come. Their two-strap sandals are also good. Bonus points if you wear them with chunky knit socks like I did in junior high.


Dr Scholls Leta Slip On Sneaker

These are cute even if you aren't pregnant. They're easy to put on, take off, and they super supportive and stretchy. They're also stain resistant if you happen to be pregnant with a kid at home.


Super Cute Stella McCartney Slip Ons

These are adjustable, thankfully. They're also very fashion forward, cute, and they shouldn't stretch out too much, making them perfect to keep on wearing after you've had the baby.



These stretch seven ways from Sunday, and they slide on fast. I wore these throughout my second pregnancy, and they really saved my bacon. Did they ever go back to normal? Nope. But they're inexpensive enough that I didn't mind recycling them at the end of their use.


When You Need Something Dressy

Unfortunately, duty calls. When I was six months pregnant with my daughter, my husband received some fancy commendation at work and I had to dress up. I was proud of him, but self-conscious about my body. I wore a cute pair of gold flats with my flowy dress and I felt beautiful. These gold flats are stretchy and made by the people at FitFlop, so you know they're designed with foot health in mind.


Abeo Aleo Sandal

Yes, these are flip flops, but they're orthopedic flip flops. They might not be what you'd choose to wear in everyday life, but then again, neither are bras with spaces for sanitary pads. Sacrifices must be made. Give them a try.


Breathable Slides

My feet got so incredibly hot when I was pregnant. These perforated leather mules with a supportive cork base will provide much needed relief, without showing off the fact that you've been remiss in your pedicures.


Classic For A Reason

These are some of the most comfortable shoes that I own. They tend to run large, so they're easy to fit and easier to wear. Plus, no laces, which is a big bonus.


A Bootie With Stretch

These booties have a ton of support and killer stretch. They're not the typical ankle-height bootie — instead, these are a split shaft, below the ankle model, perfect for preggos.