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10 Best Toys From The '90s To Buy For Your Kids, Because They Were, Hands Down, The Best


There are some toys from my childhood that I'd just as soon forget, like those creepy little furbies and the gender stereotypical dolls. But there are some toys that I still put up on a pedestal as being the best of all time. The '90s had some pretty amazing toy moments that deserve to be relived. Here are 10 toys from your childhood to buy your kids, and news flash: they still rock.

The funniest thing about '90s toys is that there's like zero technology involved. Even the ones that I remember thinking were pretty high tech, like Gameboys, now seem completely antiquated. Ahhh, remember how Tetris used to be like the best thing ever? And who could forget Talkboys, which were spawned from one of the best movies of all time, Home Alone 2. Yes, those handheld audio/video recorders look ridiculous now, but before everyone was shooting iPhone videos, Talkboys and Talkgirls, were the hot ticket items.

If you remember the toys from your childhood as being the gold standard for fun, here are 10 of them that you'll love introducing your kids too now. Sure, some of look creepy compared to the modern day versions (looking at you, original Trolls), but that's half the fun!

1Original Trolls

Vintage Russ Troll Dolls


With their furry combed-up hair, beady eyes, and resistance to clothes, troll dolls were surely weird, but for some reason, every kid in the '90s had to have one!

2Lite Brite

Lite Brite - Magic Screen Retro Style

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Today's version of a Lite Brite would most likely be found on a tablet, but there's really nothing better the OG version. I was in heaven with all those little light pieces and pre-designed pattern cards.

3Cabbage Patch Kids

Coleco Cabbage Patch Dolls


I can still remember the name of my Cabbage Patch Doll (Octavia Katherine, for the record!). The fact that they came with their own birth certificate was one of the coolest things about them. Sure, there are modernized Cabbage Patch dolls available but the vintage ones, with their tight curls and sweat suits, are just so adorable.

4Koosh Balls

Koosh Ball


Growing up, Koosh balls were a big part of every day life. Whether you were randomly squeezing one during class, or whipping them around the playground, there was just something about these neon squish balls that made them addictive.


Nickelodeon Gak Glow in the Dark

Toy Wiz

I loved Gak — the smell of it, the "fart-like" sounds it made, and the little container you had to squeeze it back into. It made the perfect birthday party favor or stocking stuffer, and it deserves a comeback! Plus it's like the OG slime.

6Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong Action Figure


The joy of Stretch Armstrong was seeing just how far you and your friends could stretch him. With his "unbreakable limbs", he was the ultimate stretchy super hero.

7Beanie Babies

TY Beanie Baby Pouch the Kangaroo


Beanie Babies weren't just a popular toy in the '90s — they were an obsession. Everyone was suddenly a serious "toy collector" and if you lost a tag, gasp! Some are actually worth a pretty penny now. If only you had held on to yours...

8Super Soaker

2 Larami Super Soaker


Super Soakers revolutionized the water fight and were basically the best thing about summer. Well, that and the slip 'n slide. Sure there are modern water guns with even more bells n' whistles, but there's nothing like the original.

9Easy Bake Oven

Vintage 1990 Easy Bake Oven Kenner Works


I looooved my Easy Bake Oven, even though I sustained some burns along the way. Yes, it's a giant safety hazard, but cupcakes — nothing beats baking your own cupcakes.

10Polly Pockets

Vintage Polly Pocket Set


With Polly Pocket, a whole magical world of play was right there in a tiny compact. You couldn't help but want to collect them all, and even though Polly Pocket has since made a comeback, they're just not quite the same.