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10 Toys From Your Childhood To Buy For Your Kids, Because The '90s Were The Best

There are some toys from my childhood that I'd just as soon forget, like those creepy little furbies and the gender stereotypical dolls. But there are some toys that I still put up on a pedestal as being the best of all time. The '90s had some pretty amazing toy moments that deserve to be relived. Here are 10 toys from your childhood to buy your kids, and news flash: they still rock.

The funniest thing about '90s toys is that there's like zero technology involved. Even the ones that I remember thinking were pretty high tech, like Gameboys, now seem completely antiquated. Ahhh, remember how Tetris used to be like the best thing ever? And who could forget Talkboys, which were spawned from one of the best movies of all time, Home Alone 2. Yes, those handheld audio/video recorders look ridiculous now, but before everyone was shooting iPhone videos, Talkboys and Talkgirls, were the hot ticket items.

If you remember the toys from your childhood as being the gold standard for fun, here are 10 of them that you'll love introducing your kids too now. Sure, some of look creepy compared to the modern day versions (looking at you, original Trolls), but that's half the fun!


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