These Halloween Costumes For Adults Are Less Than $30 & You Can Find Them On Amazon

Halloween can get oh-so-expensive. Between all the decorations, the candy, and don't forget the party booze, the dollars start to add up. Potentially the most expensive piece of Halloween is the costume. For people like me (read: former theater kids), Halloween is the time when we go all out. We relive our childhood fantasies, only it's better because there's beer. So I may have been known to spend hundreds on costumes, and it's maybe not the best way to spend my cash — or time. This year, I went for cheap Halloween adult costumes on Amazon and I found myself surprised at the variety available.

I don't know about you, but I am tired of the sexy costume trend. I'm not going to lie, there was a Halloween or two in my 20s where my costume was fairly light in fabric, but I'm over it. Unless it's hilarious like a Sexy Gandalf in Penny Reid's Truth or Beard, in which case, bring on the negligee and pointed hat. Otherwise, I want something sillier or more creative. This year, Amazon has some hysterical costumes, and I am here for the ease and the cost. Why can't I be a cowboy on an inflatable horse? The answer is, I can. I deserve my inflatable pony, and if I play Ginuine from my phone the whole time I'm at the adult party, so be it. You know you know the words.


Lace Skeleton Poncho