10 Cheap Halloween Costumes For Adults On Amazon Under $30


Halloween can get oh-so-expensive. Between all the decorations, the candy, and don't forget the party booze, the dollars start to add up. Potentially the most expensive piece of Halloween is the costume. For people like me (read: former theater kids), Halloween is the time when we go all out. We relive our childhood fantasies, only it's better because there's beer. So I may have been known to spend hundreds on costumes, and it's maybe not the best way to spend my cash — or time. This year, I went for cheap Halloween adult costumes on Amazon and I found myself surprised at the variety available.

I don't know about you, but I am tired of the sexy costume trend. I'm not going to lie, there was a Halloween or two in my 20s where my costume was fairly light in fabric, but I'm over it. Unless it's hilarious like a Sexy Gandalf in Penny Reid's Truth or Beard, in which case, bring on the negligee and pointed hat. Otherwise, I want something sillier or more creative. This year, Amazon has some hysterical costumes, and I am here for the ease and the cost. Why can't I be a cowboy on an inflatable horse? The answer is, I can. I deserve my inflatable pony, and if I play Ginuine from my phone the whole time I'm at the adult party, so be it. You know you know the words.

1Ride The Pony

Inflatable Pony


I'm obviously going to ride this pony through the streets of New York with pride. I'll be a regular equestrian. I just need to come up with something creative to wear as the rider. I'm thinking either a bandit from silent films or one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I just need three other riders. I have a husband and two kids, so I have thoughts. Which child wants to be Pestilence?

2Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly


Getting my husband to agree to this one might be a bit tricky, but in the end, he loves me and will totally take the hit and be the PB to my J. It's the world's most classic sandwich combo and everyone will be hungry just looking at you. (No licking though. )

3Lace Skeleton Poncho

Lace Skeleton Poncho


How cute is this? Wear it over all black, add some face paint, and you're done. Personally, I think this is the perfect balance between creepy and chic, and I am loving it. If you want to go all out, you could add these some skeleton leggings, and you're still under $30. Win.


Mermaid Tail


Is the party indoors? Do you live where it's warm on Halloween? Pair this little number with your bathing suit — or wear it with a nude top and clamshell bra — tousle your hair, carry a fork, and you're a princess from Under the Sea. Just don't trust any women with eight legs. They're not great friends.

5What's The Buzz?

Bee Costume With Accessories


This costume is darling, isn't it? Also it's kind of clutch in that it takes on a bit of a politically charged science topic contemporary to today — our dwindling honeybee population. This is the costume of the year for environmental enthusiasts everywhere. Plus, it goes with the next costume on the list.

6I'll Keep You Safe

Bee Keeper's Pullover


OK, so this is an *actual* beekeeper's smock. That just makes it more useful. However, when paired with the honeybee above, it's too cute for words. In my mind, my husband is the bee, and I'm in the sweatshirt. He has really nice legs, they'd look good in tights. Plus all those "stinger" jokes I could make? Worth it.

7The Egg Man

Fried Egg Adult


People will flip over this costume. It's egg-ceptional. While it may look over-easy, when you pair it with the next costume on the list, it takes on a funnier, deeper meaning. Everyone will love it. Side note: this guy looks so confused as to how he landed a gig as a fried egg. I love it.

8The Walrus

Walrus Cosplay Pajamas


I am The Walrus, coo koo kah choo. Obviously, if you're going to have an Egg Man, you need the walrus. Ask any Beatles fan. Granted, they are kind of the same person in the song, but isn't marriage kind of the same thing?

9Happy Feet

Inflatable Penguin Costume


I don't know why this one tickles me so, but it does. A giant penguin is just so silly and wonderful. For $25, imagine the joy you'll bring to others with this truly absurd costume. What fun.

10The Classic

This Is My Halloween Costume T-Shirt


For some reason, I feel like this one would be even funnier if you wore it under your Christmas cardigan. Regardless, this shirt shows you care, but just not that much. Or that you love sarcasm. We can still be friends, though.