10 Children's Books Featuring Everyone's Favorite Mythological Creature: Unicorns

by Emily Westbrooks

Most kids can agree, at least before they hit a certain age (and more quietly even well after that!), unicorns have a certain magic that can't be rivaled. Until your kid hits double digits, and even then, children's books featuring unicorns are a great addition to your home library or a great niche genre to put on their library reading list. In fact, they can be a great way to get reluctant readers to crack a cover — very few children can resist a magical, mythical unicorn!

While unicorns were once pigeon-holed as a girl's domain, children's books featuring unicorns are diversifying quite a bit. They now include male protagonists more often than ever before. While some, like the Unicorn Princesses series, might still lean a little in one direction, many are written to be appealing to any gender, which is downright refreshing. Because if we've learned anything from millennials, the mythical creature's spirit generation, it's that the unicorn's magic should know no bounds. A unicorn's magic should be appreciated by everyone, of all genders, whether it's in the form of a cupcake, a Starbucks latte, an Easter egg, or even a book.

If you have a kiddo at home you think would love to dive into a unicorn book, here's a list of ten to get you started.


I'm A Unicorn

I'm a Unicorn by Mallory C. Loehr, $5, Amazon

Who doesn't love a Little Golden Book? And one about unicorns? It doesn't get better. This little unicorn tell us all about her magical powers, like healing hurts or making water clean with her horn.


Unicorn Of Many Hats

Unicorn of Many Hats by Dana Simpson, $7, Amazon

It's not every day you read about a unicorn called Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, but that's exactly what you get in Unicorn of Many Hats, which follows the tales of a fourth-grader, Phoebe, and her magical unicorn. This is actually the sixth book in a long-running series called Phoebe and her Unicorn, but a unicorn wearing hats is worth skipping a few down the line.


Uni The Unicorn

Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, $14, Amazon

Uni the Unicorn flips the old unicorn myth upside down. In this tale, what sets Uni apart from other unicorns is that she believes, contrary to what she's been told, that little girls are real. When she finds a little girl, the two share adventures and readers are reminded that dreams can come true.


Unicorn Princesses: Sunbeam's Shine

Unicorn Princesses: Sunbeam's Shine by Emily Bliss, $5, Amazon

If your kid is especially obsessed with unicorns, introducing him or her to the magical world of the Unicorn Princesses series will allow them a whole lot of unicorn reading. In Unicorn Princesses: Sunbeam's Shine, author Emily Bliss introduces readers to the seven unicorns that rule the Rainbow Realm. For a young chapter book reader, the tales of mystery and adventure, like looking for Sunbeam's jewels, are sure to captivate.


Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great by Bob Shea, $10, Barnes & Noble

While we'll award initial points for starring a male unicorn, the storyline really takes the cake. Or rather, the cupcake, which Unicorn can make rain from the sky. Meanwhile, his new neighbor, the goat, has quite a case of unicorn envy. Through the course of the story, the goat realizes being a unicorn might not be the best thing, and that there are benefits to being a goat as well.


The Unicorn Rescue Society

The Unicorn Rescue Society by Adam Gidwitz, $10, Amazon

Another unicorn tale with a male protagonist, The Unicorn Rescue Society is made up of a secret team of middle schoolers destined to rescue the world's most mythical creatures. While newcomer Elliot would rather stay home and read books than start at a new school, he's pleasantly surprised when he meets Uchenna and the rest of the unicorn rescuers.


Twelve Dancing Unicorns

Twelve Dancing Unicorns by Alissa Heyman, $13, Barnes & Noble

Based on the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, this twist involves twelve unicorns that escape captivity by the well-meaning king every night. Because he doesn't harm them, they return every morning but with their chains broken, everyone knows they've escaped. The king offers a reward to anyone who can find out how the unicorns are escaping, and a girl with an invisible cape manages to figure it out.


The Unicorn's Tale

The Unicorn's Tale by R. L. La Fevers, $7, Barnes & Noble

Number four in the Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist, series, The Unicorn's Tale is about a beastologist-in-training, Nate, and his quest to save a sick unicorn. It also involves his tracking his lost-at-sea parents whom he believes are still alive, and an evil cousin, Obediah, who is out to thwart Nate and his Aunt Phil's plans to protect and save the beasts of the world.


Not Quite Narwhal

Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima, $13, Amazon

You have to love a not-quite-narwhal named Kelp, right? He was born into a lovely narwhal family but never quite felt like he belonged. He wasn't great at swimming and his tusk was too short. One day, he got pushed up to the surface and spotted a land creature who looked suspiciously like him, which got him thinking — what exactly was he anyway?


Unicorn And Horse

Unicorn and Horse by David W. Miles, $17, Amazon

Unicorn and Horse are very different, which can sometimes cause animosity between them. It can also bring out some very funny stories that lead them to the realization that sometimes we're all a little fancy like a unicorn, and sometimes we're all a little average like a horse, and that's OK.

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