10 *Really* Creative Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Mother's Day Morning

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

When you think of Mother's Day activities, the first thing that undoubtedly comes to mind is breakfast in bed. I'm not sure exactly how or when the tradition of serving mom her morning meal while she's still under the covers began, but at this point it's practically obligatory. And of course a tray with (slightly burnt) toast and a dandelion from the backyard is bound to touch mom's heart just as much as a gourmet brunch, but why not find some creative breakfast in bed ideas for Mother's Day morning this year?

It's not all about the food, after all. In fact, depending on the ages of her kids and how involved they insist on being in the cooking process, plenty of moms out there are probably preparing themselves for the worst (e.g., pretending to enjoy overcooked scrambled eggs with lots of pieces of shell for added crunch). But even if the breakfast itself isn't going to win any culinary prizes, the presentation can still totally make mom's day. The point is to help her feel special, lift her spirits, and (ideally) give her a little extra time to relax.

Whatever you do, just make sure that mom is not in any way responsible for any post-breakfast clean-up. A day off from dishes could be one of the best gifts of all.


Send Her On A Breakfast Staycation

Pick her favorite travel destination (even if it's one she's never been to but always dreamed about visiting) and plan the breakfast accordingly: If Paris is her thing, serve croissants, dress up in berets, and decorate the room with pictures of landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.


Give Her A Very Beychella Breakfast

Because most moms didn't have the luxury of catching Beyoncé's acclaimed Coachella performance in person this year, treat her to a private concert while she dines and get everybody in the family to sing her favorite Bey tune, karaoke-style. Don't forget the costumes and choreography (or the side of lemonade).


Make A Personalized Crossword Puzzle

For the mom who never lets a New York Times crossword puzzle go unfinished, a personalized puzzle (with hints inspired by her hobbies, interests, etc.) will keep her entertained and show her how much you appreciate her one-of-a-kind personality.


Serve Her Breakfast At The 'Spa'

Add a sheet mask and a pitcher of cucumber-infused water to her tray and bring along some pedicure supplies for a breakfast that's all about pampering her in every way.


Let Her Order 'Room Service'

Fact: What every mom really wants for Mother's Day is a nap. Instead of waking her up at the crack of dawn to "surprise" her with a homemade meal, let her snooze and leave a bell next to her bed with a note: "Ring this bell when you're ready for breakfast." She'll love it.


Make Her A Movie Star

This one will totally make mom cry for sure (but they'll be happy tears): Make a slideshow featuring favorite family pics from over the years that she can watch on a laptop while she sips her coffee. Depending on how emotional you want the experience to be, you might want to choose some cheerful background music. (It's hard to eat pancakes when you're openly sobbing.)


Give Her A Front-Row Ticket To The Hottest Matinée In Town

Who needs Broadway? This idea takes a little planning, but the payoff is huge: Write and perform a funny skit for mom to watch from her cozy spot, complete with props, costumes, and preferably a plot that involves mom being crowned Queen of the Universe or turning into a superhero (because she's already both of those things). Or you could just perform a scene from her favorite musical. Hamilton, anyone?


Throw A Breakfast Binge-Watching Party

Doesn't every mom secretly have a series that she binge watches as a guilty pleasure? Pick her favorite show and plan the breakfast around it (waffles if she's a Parks and Rec fan, for example), then cue up the series from season one and leave her to relive her favorite moments in peace.


Treat Her Like Royalty

If she's the kind of mom who obsesses over every outfit Kate Middleton has ever worn and gets more excited for royal weddings than those of people she actually knows, give her a Buckingham Palace-themed breakfast with tea, scones, jam, and clotted cream on the fanciest dishes you can find, plus a stack of tabloids with royalty-related headlines to browse through.


Go Retro

Depending on whether mom is a Millennial, a Gen X-er, or a Boomer, serve a breakfast with period-appropriate details that will remind her of being a kid (like Fruity Pebbles and a Saturday morning cartoons-themed video playlist).

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