10 Creative Gift Wrapping Hacks For Perfect Presents In A Snap

When I'm shopping for gifts for my friends and family, I abide by one rule and one rule only: Everything I purchase must be packaged in a perfectly rectangular box. Even if I find the perfect gift for someone, if it looks hard to wrap, I will seriously reconsider buying it because, frankly, nobody has the time to spend wrangling oddly-shaped gifts into enough paper and tape to conceal their contents. Wrapping anything that is not in a precisely square box is basically a nightmare, but there are plenty of gift wrapping hacks to wrap those oddly shaped gifts right at your fingertips.

With grocery bag decorating, ornament filling, and cardboard repurposing now in play, all of your gift-wrapping-induced headaches will fly out the window. Even if you're stuck wrapping stuffed animals, tiny knick-knacks, or otherwise tedious-to-wrap gifts, you have nothing to worry about. You could make it through the holidays without even touching a roll of wrapping paper. For a lot of these creative gift wrapping hacks, you can even enlist your little one's help. Call it "Santa's Workshop" and turn present wrapping into a fun holiday activity for the family.

So go ahead and save all of your wrapping for the last second with no stress because these 10 crafty gift wrapping tricks will have all of your presents ready to go in no time at all.


Fill Up An Ornament

Wrapping tiny boxes is such a hassle. Skip the tedious process entirely by tossing decorative goodies in a clear ornament instead. Sugar Bee Crafts' tutorial is perfect for stocking stuffers or other little knick-knacks that you just don't feel like dealing with.


Wrap It With Fabric

If you're out of paper, use The House That Lars Built's creative idea of wrapping with fabric instead. No sewing required — all you have to do is tie it up.


Make It Rustic, Not Sloppy

Creating sharp corners are always so pesky, so don't even bother. Go for a purposely rustic look, by covering your gift with butcher paper or a paper grocery bag with this tutorial from Pretty Prudent. Don't bother spending much time fussing with the corners. Wrinkles just add to the look.


Enlist The Kids' Help

Use this printable wrapping paper from We Are Scout to make gift wrapping into less of an ordeal and more of a family affair. The little ones can play the role of Santa's little helpers by coloring in the paper while you wrap.


Make Reusable Bags

These reusable fabric bags from Suburble might take a little more time this year, but you'll be thanking your past self when you can reuse them for the next holiday season. If you're not much of a sewer, use fabric glue or repurpose a festive pillowcase.


Upcycle Empty Boxes

In the spirit of being green for the holidays while also not spending big bucks on packaging, follow this tutorial from DIY Inspired to turn some of those empty cereal boxes into festive DIY gift bags.


Craft Them Into A Pile Of Logs

Print out this yuletide log pattern from Oh Happy Day and create log bundles filled with little goodies. Tie 'em together with a ribbon and you're all set.


Toss It In A Grocery Bag

This idea may feel like a cop-out but you can make it so cute! Just look at these grocery bag-wrapped gifts from My Poppet. All you need is a clean paper grocery bag and some paper, string, or stickers for decoration.


Decorate A Mason Jar

Mason jars are so trendy and cheap, so lean into the moment by using them as a super-simple gift wrap for stocking stuffers. The Country Chic Cottage has an easy step-by-step guide, but you really just need to pop small gifts into a mason jar with tissue paper and top it with a ribbon.


Use A Cute Dish Towel As Part Of The Gift

If you plan on spreading the joy of the holidays via baked goods, wrap it up in a towel to make it a little prettier. Make And Takes has the guide for how to tie it up.

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