10 Custom Home Portraits From Etsy, Because There's Really No Place Like It

There have been a lot of lessons learned during quarantine, but I think perhaps the biggest lesson is just how important our homes actually are, and how much we cherish our spaces. To honor that, I've found the best Etsy shops that make your home into art, because there really is no place else like it.

I love the idea of having my home memorialized into artwork because no matter where I live, I will always want to remember where I lived right now. Here, in this place that cradled my family during such a scary time in our lives. It's become more than a home. It's our refuge and our haven. Thankfully, there are a ton of options on Etsy, and more than a few artisans who are able to create beautiful works of art with the home as the centerpiece. From sculpture, to watercolor, to Christmas ornaments, there is something for every taste and every budget.

And for us apartment dwellers, if you don't want to show off your whole building, I would suggest a close-up of one of your windows, or perhaps your front door. It doesn't need to show the whole building, instead just representing what you love best.


A Simple, Sweet Watercolor

I love this one from Prints of Peace because it's not just a portrait of your home, it's also your family. The artist's style is friendly and approachable, which is perfect for a young family just starting out. Note the detail on the house, it's wonderful.


Cross Stitch

I am into cross-stitch and embroidery lately. I mean, I can't do it myself, but I like the look. How adorable is this little ditty from Heirloom Fibre Arts?


A Custom Clay Ornament

This adorable sculpted ornament from Bert's Clay Creations is just about perfect. It's a bonus that it's only $30. This would also be a great gift for your parents and siblings to have one made of your family home.


Something More Formal

This custom architectural drawing by ALF Art and Calligraphy is slightly more formal than the watercolor, but just as beautiful. I can see a large version of this having a place of prominence above a fireplace, or perhaps looming large above the sofa. The graphic nature of the black and white lines are stark and lovely.


DIY If You Can

If you know how to cross-stitch, or you're interested in trying, this custom DIY cross-stitch pattern from Stitching With Zeal, might be for you. You send the maker a picture of your home, and they send you a digital download to stitch in the manner of your choosing.

Personally, I would end up with bloody thumbs, but that's just me.


A Watercolor Ornament

I love this ornament from Su Casa Designs for the sheer simplicity of it. It reminds me so much of the Hallmark ornaments of the '90s, and I'm here for it. I want one of my dog, too, not going to lie.


A More Cartoon-Like Image

This White Fall Lane art is kitschy cute. It reminds me of the art in children's books, which makes me think it might be nice in a family room. I love the cheerful colors and bubbly look.


This One Is Legit Bananas, & I Love It

Come on, how cool is this? Sure, you could maybe do this on your own, but let's be honest, your house would not really look like your house, and you'd spend that much money just getting all the right bricks. Yes, it's spendy, but this custom LEGO house by Benji's Bricks is just too neat.


Custom Paper Home

This custom paper home is so unique. Who would have thought that a paper diorama-style home could be so intriguing? These creations from Aunt Beck's Bakery are full of love and the feelings of home.


A Highly Detailed Rendering

This highly-detailed rendering by Fine Art by Tina is beyond gorgeous. The way Tina captures light gives the viewer the sense of a warm dawn on the eaves of the home. This is a true heirloom piece.

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