10 Cute Makeup Bags That You Can Actually Clean, Because They Can Get So Gnarly


Makeup bags are one of the last things you want to think about cleaning, but every once and awhile, they too need a deep clean. No matter how hard I try to keep mine spotless, I always end up with bronzer powder coating everything, and mascara and lipgloss smudges all over the lining. Fortunately, there are some cute makeup bags that you can actually clean, and they don't require you to clear your Saturday schedule to do it.

I must admit, I love a makeup bag with a lot of compartments and pockets. Maybe it's because I grew up with a Caboodle and still remember the joy of opening it up to see all my favorite "beauty products" arranged just so. However, these days, makeup bags with brush sleeves and side pockets are generally a nightmare to clean. (Perhaps it's time to revisit the Caboodle since they are gloriously having a comeback.)

If you're looking for a makeup bag that can keep up with your lifestyle, (i.e likely to see the inside of a gym locker room and an airplane bathroom), here are 10 durable makeup bags that you can clean in a matter of seconds. Once you get started, you might just want to clean everything inside your bag too!

Stephanie Johnson

Miami Jumbo Zip Cosmetics Case


This fun transparent case, available in three different colors, lets you see all your beauty products at once, so there's no more hunting through the "makeup bag black hole" To clean it, you simple turn it inside out and wipe down.


Fabric Makeup Bag


This Kusshi makeup bag features a washable microsatin exterior and washable red poly interior so it's safe to throw in the wash. I love that it features wide mesh pockets inside too.

Lay-n-Go Cosmo

Metallic Makeup Case

The Grommet

This makeup bag's design is pretty genius, especially for the on-the-go lifestyle. It lies flat so you can see your products all at once, and then cinches closed so it's easy to transport. Plus, it's made from water-repellent nylon and is machine washable.


Chapter Travel Kit


Herschel makes some super durable backpacks so it should come as no surprise that their makeup bags — aka travel kits —  are equally indestructible. Even the zipper is waterproof. The best part is there are more than 40 colors and prints to choose from.

Mud Pie

Mud Pie Canvas Cosmetic Pouch


This cute canvas makeup pouch will quickly become your favorite. It's on the smallish side, measuring just 7 x 4 inches, but it's perfect for all the essentials. For cleaning, just pop it in the wash.


Mango Printed Vinyl Cosmetic Bag


If you want a simple make-up bag that you can throw in your gym bag or carry-on suitcase, this whimsical one from Mango is hard to beat. It's made of vinyl, so you can use your makeup wipes to give it a quick clean.

Stephanie Johnson

ML Traveler

Neiman Marcus

This makeup bag offers enough storage for even the biggest beauty junkie. It has two snap-out mesh pouches and a removable toiletry pouch, so you can easily wipe or wash the compartments that are looking grimy.


Small Travel Bag


This poly drawstring makeup bag is everything for the frequent traveler. It's big, cheap, and easy to stuff with all your hair, makeup and bath products. When your trip is over, empty it out and throw it straight in the wash.

Vely Vely

Vely Vely Travel Makeup Bag


For anyone who knows all too well that the product you usually need lies buried at the bottom of your bag, this Vely Vely bag might just change your life. It features a lay-and-go design, so you see everything at once. The best part, though, is that if you spill foundation or break a compact, you can pop the whole thing in the wash.


Muji Nylon Cosmetic Holder


This functional makeup pouch from Muji resembles a lunchbox in the best possible way. It zips open and can be easily wiped out. Plus it ensures that all your makeup fluids (from foundations to cheek stains) stay upright.