10 Cute Nursing Pieces That You'll Definitely Wear After You've Stopped Breastfeeding

If you are a breastfeeding mom, you know that when it comes to buying clothes, the struggle is real trying to look for clothes that will make it easy to nurse while still matching your style. There are a lot of stylish options out there for nursing wear, but because you won’t breastfeed forever, you may want to find clothes that will last you well past your nursing days. If you are looking for clothes that will be practical in the long run, here are 10 cute nursing pieces that you’ll definitely wear after you’ve stopped breastfeeding.

Years ago, when I was breastfeeding my daughters, nursing clothes were just not my style and made me feel not so great about myself. It was hard to find dresses and tops I actually loved, and I hated the idea of buying clothes just for functionality, knowing I’d never wear them again after I stopped breastfeeding. So I steered clear of most nursing wear, and powered through with nursing covers and shawls.

Luckily, nowadays, designers are making nursing clothes prettier and more versatile. I’d even buy some of these gorgeous pieces for myself, even though I’m not breastfeeding anymore. These pieces are functional, stylish, and will give you mileage well beyond your nursing days.


Emerald Esther Sweater

This great Emerald Esther Sweater ($148, Alette Boutique) definitely does not look like nursing wear. It features discreet side panels for easy nursing access, and because it’s made in the USA, you can trust its quality is built to last you years after you finish nursing. The textured fabric and banded waistline will make you look and feel like a rockstar with no effort at all.


Blush Pink Cable Knit Maternity & Nursing Sweater

Blush Pink Cable Knit Maternity & Nursing Sweater, $92, Seraphine

This Blush Pink Cable Knit Maternity & Nursing Sweater ($92, Seraphine) is the perfect winter piece for your wardrobe that will last well past your nursing years. The gorgeous pastel pink color and beautiful cable knit make the sweater feminine and stylish, and the side snap feature makes it easy to nurse in.


MAMA Nursing Dress

MAMA Nursing Dress, $35, H&M

This MAMA Nursing Dress is easy to wear, comfortable, and cute. It features discreet nursing access, a drawstring waist, and is made with a soft, fine-knit fabric, making it an everyday go-to dress. It will look great well past your breastfeeding days, and will probably get tons of mileage.


To Celebrate, A Red On White Toile Print Dress

To Celebrate, A Red On White Toile Print Dress, $148, Grâce à Toi Dress

Made in the USA of high quality, long lasting fabrics, Grâce à Toi Dresses are ideal pieces for breastfeeding moms, and will be functional and stylish even when you wean your baby. This adorable To Celebrate, A Red On White Toile Print Dress ($148, Grâce à Toi Dress) features a playful celebration print with cherubs, birds, and gorgeous flowers. The neckline allows for easy breastfeeding access, without looking like it's just a nursing gown.


2-in-1 Layered Maternity & Nursing Top

2-in-1 Layered Maternity & Nursing Top, $58, Seraphine

For a stylish layered look, you can get this 2-in-1 Layered Maternity & Nursing Top. This lightweight knit top features easy lift-up nursing access, but will service as a great effortless and fashionable piece well after you’re done nursing.


Indigo Sasha Dress

Indigo Sasha Dress, $228, Alette

This beautiful Indigo Sasha Dress is one of those pieces that will last you well past your breastfeeding days. Made locally in Brooklyn, this high quality denim dress features a beautiful A-line style, double v-neck for discreet nursing access, and classic damask print, making it perfect to take from day to night.


Momzelle Nursing Hoodie

Momzelle Nursing Hoodie, $47, Grace Maternity Clothes

Hoodies are just one of those go-to pieces in your wardrobe that can save the day when you need to get out of the house in a hurry. This great gray, cotton-spandex Momzelle Nursing Hoodie has lift-up breastfeeding access, but will still look great and feel comfy through all stages of life.


Summer In New England Short-Sleeved Seersucker Dress

Summer In New England Short-Sleeved Seersucker Dress, $120, Grâce à Toi Dress

This versatile Summer In New England Short-Sleeved Seersucker Dress is a great piece to get you through the summer when you’re breastfeeding, and even when you aren’t. This comfy dress features a sweet neckline that allows for great boob access, without looking too obvious.


MAMA Nursing Top

MAMA Nursing Top, $25, H&M

This soft and comfortable MAMA Nursing Top is a great staple shirt and features discreet nursing access. But the best part is that you'll wear this long after you put the pump and burp cloths away. You can pair it with a blazer, a pair of jeans, or just wear it casually with sweatpants. Either way, this shirt is sure to get lots of mileage.


Charcoal Cable Knit Nursing Cover Maternity Shawl

Charcoal Cable Knit Nursing Cover Maternity Shawl, $72, Seraphine

Whether you are breastfeeding or have fully transitioned your baby to a sippy cup, this Charcoal Cable Knit Nursing Cover Maternity Shawl is a great addition to any wardrobe. You can wear it as a shawl or drape it around your neck as a scarf. Pair it over a pair of jeans, for an effortless, yet sleek and stylish look.

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