10 Cute Toy Storage Solutions That Will Actually Get Your Kids Excited About Cleaning Up


No matter how many storage cubes, bins, and baskets I buy, the toys always seem to win. There will be legos on the stairs, bath toys in bedrooms, and doll shoes everywhere. I don't feel like my kids have an insane amount of toys, it's just the ones they do have are really hard to contain. Yeah, that 100-piece food set? Not a good idea. But before throwing in the towel completely, I decided to do one last search to help corral the fun, and it turns out there are some cute storage options for toys that really do seem to get the job done.

The key, it seems, is finding those elusive storage systems that delight both you and your kiddo. The cute metal milk crates that I was pumped to use to store My Little Ponies and accessories didn't quite elicit the same response from my 3-year-old. Yet, the storage bin she would go nuts for doesn't fit into my home aesthetic either. I like whites and neutral tones, and she likes purples and pinks.

If this sounds all too familiar, here are 10 whimsical storage options that parents and kids can both agree on. And here's to winning the toy battle one day at a time.

1Turtle Time

Half Shell Turtle Floor Bin


Crate and Barrel

This adorable rattan turtle, featuring a removable lid, will make clean-up time a snap! Plus, it's pretty large, measuring 31 inches wide and 15 inches deep, so you can feel good about the storage space turtle is bringing to the table!

2Pom Poms For Everyone

Candelabra Home Pom Pom Belly Basket - Pink/White/Blue



There's just something about pom poms that seem fun and festive, no matter how old you are. I love that these large, handmade baskets from Candelabra would be great for storing books and toys in any room of the house.

3Hang it Up

Pixies Magic Hook Hanging Toy Storage



These cute hanging crochet toy baskets are great if you have limited floor space. I know my daughters would love tucking their dolls and stuffed animals into this little nest. Plus it serves as an impromptu game: kids can toss soft toys and try to get them in the hole.

4Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Linen Fairy Tales Linen Storage Baby Organizer



This ingenious space-saving wall storage solution is handmade and comes in a variety of different colors, like salmon pink, dark blue, and olive green. It features 5 big pockets, perfect for getting all of those stray stuffed animals and books off the floor. Because it's up in plain sight, they'll actually probably love curating it.

5Engine No. 9

Children's Favorite Cartoon Storage Stool/Chair Fire Fighter Vehicle Toy Box



This giant fire truck toy chest also doubles as a stool for sitting on, so it offers an interactive play experience. The best part though, is that it is easily foldable so you can collapse it and store it when not in use.

6Go Global

Motion Sensor Toy Box



I am a real sucker for globes, but this one is extra cool because it doubles as a place to store toys. It features a hands-free design so your kids just need to wave their hand in front of it for it to open!

7Roll Baby Roll!

Garza Rolling Toy Box



If you can't get your kids to bring the toys to the chest, bring the chest to the toys. I love that this one has as rope handle so that your kid can have fun tugging it around during clean-up time.

8Lego Mania

Storage Brick 8 Toy Box



I have stepped on one too many Legos in my day (queue all of the curse words!), so I know the importance of good Lego storage. This cute brick one lets kids know where the Legos go.

9Bean Bag Storage

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair



A bean bag is the ultimate place to lounge when you're a kid, but this one is especially cool because it doubles as a place to store stuffed animals, blankets and other toys.

10Zoo Animals

Shaw Family Designs Stuffed Animal Zoo



How hilarious is this? You can tell the kiddos to put their animals in the zoo for the night, and well, actually mean it.