10 Cute UV Baby Swimsuits To Keep Them Extra Safe In The Sun

Among the many joys of parenting during the summer months is knowing that you're going to spend the majority of any time spent at the beach or pool slathering your baby in sunblock over, and over, and over again. And despite your due diligence, there's still a good chance your little one is going to end up getting a little too much sun sometimes. Luckily, more and more brands are offering clothing with built in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). So where can you find some super cute UV swimsuits for babies that will make her day in the sun a little safer?

Of course, pretty much every baby swimsuit is super cute, because, well, tiny swimsuits! Awww. But finding an adorable option with UPF/SPF really is worth the extra effort, because babies have such sensitive skin — and because going overboard with sunblock isn't a good idea for very young infants. (While the belief persists that sunblock is totally off limits for new babies, the American Academy of Pediatrics actually recommends that parents apply a "minimal amount of sunscreen with at least 15 SPF on infants under 6 months to small areas," such as your baby's face or the backs of her hands.)

The good news is, most UV swimsuits for babies are made from fabrics labeled UPF 50+, an even higher level of protection than many sunscreens. Granted, a swimsuit won't do much to keep her nose or toes from turning red, but it will protect a significant amount of her body. And you can always add a UV hat for extra shade (and style).

1Birds Of A Feather

Cat & Jack™ Tropical Birds One Piece Swimsuit


This cheerful, colorful pattern has totally tropical vibes (and though you can't see it in this pic, it also has a super sweet keyhole back with a bow on top!). Fully lined, this swimsuit provides UPF 50+ protection and is available in sizes 9 to 18 months.

2Whale Of A Time

Cat & Jack™ Whales Swim Trunks


Also offering UPF 50+ protection, these whale-themed shorts include a mesh liner and adjustable waistband for sizes 3 to 18 months.

3Ice Cream Dream

Ice Cream Tanksuit


With UV 50+ protection and a "patent-pending swimming diaper" made of highly absorbent padding to keep skin dry, this will keep her as cool as a pretty ice pop. Sizes 6 to 36 months.

4Shining Star(fish)

Starfish Board Shorts


With the same absorbent swim diaper technology as the ice cream tanksuit, the swim diaper in these trunks features a "padding system which traps moisture in the inner lining and directly transports it outwards over a large area so that baby skin stays as dry as possible," and (of course) UV 50+ protection. Sizes 6 to 36 months.

5Flower Power

Floral Swim Set


These ruffled briefs are absolutely to die for, and the long sleeves make this UPF 50 suit an even safer bet. Sizes 2 months to 4 years.

6Anchors Aweigh

Dark Blue Swim Set


With long raglan sleeves and lined shorts, this UPF 50 combo does a great job of covering sensitive areas like the back, shoulders, and arms. Sizes 2 months to 3 years.

7Little Mermaid

Green Metallic Mermaid Scoop Swimsuit Set

Shade Critters

This irresistibly sparkly two piece set blocks 98% of harmful UV rays and comes in sizes 6 months to 4 years (unfortunately, no adult sizes available!).

8To The Rescue

Lifeguard Rashguard Set

Shade Critters

So what if he can't technically swim yet? He'll still make a picture perfect lifeguard in this two piece UPF 50+ rashguard set, with a top that zips up the back for easy dressing and undressing and a full elastic waist with drawstring for maximum comfort.

9Orange You Glad?

Fruit Flutter One Piece


Available in sizes 0 to 24 months, this happy little one piece (with UPF 40+) is perfect for even the teensiest beachgoers.

10Jaws Junior

Shark Rashguard Shorty One-Piece


Your little one will be the cutest land shark ever in this clever UPF 40+ one piece, which snaps at the inseam for easy changing (a big plus, if you've ever lifted a baby with a dripping wet swim diaper). Sizes 0 to 24 months.