10 Daddy "Push Gift" Ideas To Celebrate His New Role As Dad

by Mishal Ali Zafar

You’ve soldiered through your pregnancy like a boss, and of course, all the attention and care you get is well deserved and needed. But what about the man who ran out in the middle of the night to fulfill your extra specific food cravings and silently sat with you as you rode up and down that emotional pregnancy roller coaster? He’s held your hand through the best and the worst, so show him some love with one of these wonderful Daddy push gift ideas, because he deserves a little bit of credit, too.

Deciding to get him a gift is the easy part — it’s the actual gift that can be tricky. Push gifts for moms are usually some type of jewelry, but not every man has a thing for bling, so you may have to think outside of the box a little. Figure out what he loves most (besides you), like a hobby or activity, and get him something special that correlates to his passions. Not only will he get some enjoyment and use out of his present, he’ll actually appreciate how much thought and effort you put into it as well.

So as a “thank you” to the man who’s been your rock, your cushion, and your biggest supporter, check out these awesome Daddy push gift ideas.


Echo Spot

Echo Spot ($130, Amazon)

Whether he's tech savvy or not, your guy will definitely appreciate the Amazon Echo Spot. It’s a voice-activated Amazon Alexa device that features a 2.5-inch screen, 1.4-inch speaker, and camera for live video feeds for when he’s away from you or the baby. It can instantly stream weather, news briefings, podcasts, music, and movie trailers, and it can also be paired with other smart home devices to control your lights, doors, temperature, sprinklers, and more. He can even use it to set alarms and alerts for the baby, like feeding times, changing times, and doctor’s appointments, and play soothing music to calm your baby if needed.


Engraved Titanium Bracelet

Engraved Titanium Bracelet ($104, Jared)

As a keepsake and memento of your love and appreciation, you can get your guy this Titanium Bracelet from Jared and have it engraved with any message or name you like. This 9.5-inch bracelet is made from pure titanium and features a clasp closure. You can commemorate your pregnancy journey and baby by having the baby’s name engraved on it, or you can add a special message that he would be proud to wear.


Tickets To His Favorite Sporting Event

If your dude is a sports fan, see if you can snag him tickets to a game or event that he can enjoy with you on date night or with his buddies. You can find tickets to various sporting events on StubHub and through Ticketmaster.

If tickets aren’t an option, maybe you can get him a subscription to a digital sports channel, specific pay-per-view event or even a sports magazine. Either way, he will definitely appreciate (and enjoy) the gesture.


Tactical Diaper Bag

Tactical Diaper Bag Combo ($150, Tactical Baby Gear)

If your man is a gear head, he’ll get a kick out of this Tactical Diaper Bag set from Tactical Baby Gear. The bag features tough, military-grade materials and designs, tons of organizational storage for diapers, wipes, creams, bottles, and other Dad/Baby essentials, a separate dump pouch for dirty diapers, and a thermal bottle pouch to keep milk fresh.


A Romantic Getaway

Whether it’s to an exotic locale or a hotel just down the street, plan a future mini romantic getaway for your guy and make all the babysitting arrangements in advance. You can book a room at a nearby hotel, find a deal on a cruise, or even just order in for a romantic evening at home. Either way, I’m sure he’ll appreciate the alone time with you, and lord knows you’ll be needing a break as well. So two birds, one stone? Not a bad idea.


Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch ($280, Macy’s)

The future is here, so get your guy a Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch. It can be paired via bluetooth with most Android devices and on most iPhones through the iOS Gear S mobile app. He can scroll through menus using the beautiful stainless steel rotating bezel, receive and send phone calls, texts, emails, and alerts right on his wrist, use it for Samsung Pay, track steps, monitor heart rate, and of course, tell time. The smartwatch comes with a leather strap and wireless charger and is the perfect gift for a new dad on the go.


Concert Tickets

As a thank you to the man who does it all, get him tickets to see his favorite artist, band, or musical when they’re in town. You can find various tickets through Ticketmaster, Telecharge, and StubHub.


'Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA'

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA ($6, Amazon)

After all that he’s helped you with, give your guy the luxury of being called on first. Jimmy Fallon’s children's book, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA, is the perfect first book to read to your baby, and if read often enough, your baby’s first word will most likely be “Dada”.


Diaper Vest — Wearable Diaper Bag

Diaper Vest — Wearable Diaper Bag ($60, Dad Gear)

If you don’t think your guy will adjust to carrying around his own baby man purse, then get him this Diaper Vest from Dad Gear. It features two zippered chest pockets that can hold baby wipes and a mobile device with neat hidden headphone access, two large interior pockets for diapers and other essentials, two side bottle pockets, and a slim changing pad that fits conveniently in a discreet back pocket. The vest is made from an anti-pill fleece and polyester lining, and is available in black or orange.


Men's Two-Piece Polished Dog Tag Pendant In Stainless Steel

Men's Two-Piece Polished Dog Tag Pendant in Stainless Steel ($80, Zales)

Get the new Dad something to commemorate the new baby with this stainless steel two-piece dog tag from Zales. You can have the new baby’s name, your families’ name, or a loving message engraved on the tags so that dad can keep those sentiments close to his heart wherever he goes.