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10 Super Sweet Mother's Day Gifts That Preschoolers Can Make For Mom

There's really nothing cuter than receiving a work of art from your preschooler, especially on Mother's Day. Sure, a professional massage or fancy perfume might be appreciated but nothing tops a homemade gift from your little artiste. Their Mother's Day masterpieces are the kind of presents you hold on to forever. That's why we've rounded up 10 super sweet Mother's Day gifts that preschoolers can make for mom.

When my daughter brings home art projects from preschool, I love to hang them on the fridge. But let's be honest, there's not enough fridge space in the world to accommodate the steady stream of projects that come through the front door! You have to be discerning — stealthy, but discerning. Some end up in the trash bin after she's gone to bed.

But there's definitely one kind of project that always makes the cut, no matter how much glitter or glue is dripping off it — the ones made especially with me in mind. When I hear my daughter say, "I made this for you mommy!" well, that's getting prime fridge real estate.

So here are 10 great Mother's Day projects for your preschooler to make. Hint: Share this list with your partner or care taker so you can be "surprised" come May 13.


Spring Fling Clothespin Flower Pot

This glitter-adorned clothespin flower pot idea from This Heart of Mine is so cute you'll want to display it in your windowsill straight away.

Amy's pro tip is to spray the glitter with a coat of clear spray paint so that glitter stays put (Amen!). The daffodils are super cute, but I can also see this pot being perfect for a little indoor herb garden as well.


Paper Flower Kids Craft

Art projects that feature photos of your little love are always keepers. I love that this one from Made with Happy uses mostly items you already have around the house, like muffin cups and straws. You'll probably need to hit the store (or Amazon) for the floral foam and seed starter pots, but those you can score on the cheap.


Rosy 3D Pine Cone Mother's Day Card

This pretty pine cone card idea from Rhythms of Play is perfect for the nature-loving moms in the house. Your little explorer can hunt for pine cones, leaves and twigs on a nature walk, and then use his or her findings for this sweet 3D card.


Handprint Mother's Day aprons

If there's one gift guaranteed to be put to good use, it's a canvas tote bag. I love using them for carting around library books or picnic essentials. This handprint tote idea from Nifty Mom is extra sweet since it will always remind you of your preschooler at this precious age.

A pro tip from Nifty Mom is to put a piece of card stock or cardboard in the bag before painting it to avoid the paint from seeping through.


DIY Glittery Phone

I absolutely adore this craft project from Mod Podge Rocks because the end results look seriously pro. That's one funky phone case I would definitely use, especially knowing my lil' sweetheart made it with love. I know, I know, kids and glitter can be a risky gambit, but the use of mod podge means the glitter will stay put.

Mod podge is a non-toxic glue, sealer, and finisher, all in one. It is safe for kids to use, but if your preschooler is prone to putting everything in their mouth, maybe skip this project since it's not food-safe.

And if you're concerned about the glitter getting stuck to your floor or table, consider putting down one of these disposable splash mats.


Butterfly Handprint Cards

This precious butterfly-themed project utilizes your preschooler's handprints to make one heartwarming Mother's Day card. I love the little poem by Elaine Magud that The Best Ideas For Kids suggests including on the inside of the card:

This isn’t just a Butterfly, as you can plainly see. I made it with my hand, which is a part of me. It comes with lots of love, especially to say, I hope you have a very Happy Mother’s Day


Thumbprint Glass Heart Magnets

Every child is so unique, and so are their fingerprints! This colorful fingerprint magnet idea from Rhythms of Play is especially cool since it's a fun way to teach your children about their one-of-a-kind prints.

Plus, you can use these sweet magnets to hang up all their artwork.


Painted Rock Paper Weights

If there's one thing that kids just seem to be naturally drawn to, it's rocks. This fun rock painting project from Happy Hooligans turns something that you can easily grab from your yard or park into a lovely piece of art!

My daughter painted rocks for me last summer and I use them to weigh down and brighten up a clear vase of flowers.


Chocolate Cake Mix Donuts

What mom doesn't love getting served breakfast in bed on Mother's Day morning? These donuts from Mom on Time Out are easy enough for your preschooler to make (with supervision) since they use store bought cake mix.

Your little chef will love decorating the donuts with sprinkles and marshmallows, and of course, sampling the yummy toppings along the way.


Melted Crayon Hearts

Chances are, if you have a preschooler, you have a box of crayons — broken crayons to be exact. This interactive project from Princess Pinky Girl melts down broken crayon bits and turns them into multicolor heart-shaped crayons that they can use for their next drawing.

Here's a pro tip: soak the crayons in cold water for a few minutes for easy crayon wrapper removal. And if you're wondering where to get the heart-shaped mold, you can pick one up here.

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