10 Easy DIY Piñatas That Will Be The Hit Of The Party

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and pretty much any other event are greatly improved by the presence of a piñata. Just having one nearby says "party" like nothing else. And if you're the crafty sort, then you can whip up one of these easy DIY piñatas in no time at all. You can have a party-ready, personalized piñata without even buying one from the store. How cool is that?

Even if you're a bit intimidated by complex crafts, these piñatas are all pretty simple to create. Plus, even if you do mess up, the whole thing is designed to get whacked with a stick until candy busts out. I mean, no one's going to care if the character's eyes are a little off center. The thing is made to be destroyed, which takes a whole lot of pressure off the crafter.

Festive stars, colorful letters, and even food items are all featured in this roundup, so you're bound to find a project that's perfect for your party's theme. (I am 100 percent going to have that avocado piñata at my next birthday party, because that thing is fantastic.) Hey, even if you don't have a celebration coming up, make a piñata anyway. You and your family can celebrate a random Tuesday just because it's fun.


Mini Ghost Piñatas

These are the most adorably spooky piñatas you have ever seen. The ghost family piñata project from A Beautiful Mess is almost too cute to bust open for the candy. (Almost.)


Shooting Star Pull Piñata

For a different take on the piñata idea, look no further than this craft. The shooting star pull piñata from Delia Creates will offer your kid all the fun surprise of a piñata without all that whacking. You just tug on a ribbon to make the hidden goodies fall out.


Mini Mummy Piñata

This craft is ideal for super young kids, or anyone who needs a little surprise. The mini mummy piñata from DIY Candy uses simple supplies you probably already have on hand, but the end result is still full of big fun.


DIY Peanut Piñata

Make this craft with your own little peanut. The DIY peanut piñatas from Handmade Charlotte are perfect for parties with a baseball or circus theme. Although, do you really need a reason to celebrate with these adorable snacks?


DIY Piñata Letters

Piñatas aren't just for whacking, because they can make fun objects of decor as well. If you're intrigued, Homey Oh My! has the details on how to make these DIY piñata letters. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any event with these bright, cheery letters.


DIY Gem Piñatas

OK, so I'm pretty obsessed with all of these tiny piñatas. And the precious DIY gem piñatas courtesy of Lovely Indeed are perfect for adding a little touch of bling to any situation. Plus, because they're mostly card stock and tissue paper, you can make a whole treasure chest's worth of these jewels without spending a fortune, and they're easy enough to scale up if you're looking for something more grand.


DIY Potato Chip Bag Piñata

This cool craft reuses a bunch of supplies you would probably have to toss away, so it's extra cool. The chip bag piñata from Pink Stripey Socks is simple and festive. Plus, your guests will be surprised when you reveal what it's made from.


DIY Avocado Piñata

Everyone's favorite source of healthy fat is now a giant piñata, too. The spectacular DIY avocado piñata from Studio DIY is the perfect side dish for any party. I mean, just look at the seed.


DIY Hair Piñatas

Do you even need a reason to make piñatas in the shape of hair styling tools? Never. Most of these DIY hair piñatas from The House That Lars Built are meant to be more decorative than anything else, and if you're a rookie crafter, the hair spray bottle is your easiest bet. However, once you've mastered that, you can graduate to the hair dryer or even scissors for your next party.


DIY Simple Piñata

For a back-to-the basics approach, this tutorial has you all covered. The simple piñata tutorial from Whimsy Love walks you through the whole papier-mâché process step by step. Plus, you get to pop a balloon during the creation, which is always a plus.

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