10 Energy Efficient Space Heaters That'll Keep You & Your Wallet Happy

Space heaters are becoming more popular than ever, and for good reason. Heating your space during freezing winters can wind up costing you a pretty penny (or ten), and who isn't looking for a way to save a little money? Instead of piling on layers of clothing, investing in an energy efficient space heater can keep you toasty all season long, while making sure your bill isn't making you cry. These 10 energy efficient space heaters are some of the best of the best.

If you've never used a space heater before, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: it's designed to heat up whatever space it's put in. Obviously, these can be good for a variety of reasons. First, it can be expensive to heat up an entire home (think about all those rooms you don't really use). Second, they can help warm up those spaces that always seem to stay cold, like your drafty office or constantly-chilly basement. Add the fact that space heaters are portable and inexpensive, and you've got a perfectly good alternative to cranking up the thermostat.

Here's how a space heater can cut energy costs. "Every degree above 68°F consumes 3-5% more energy," according to Pacific Gas & Electric Company. I don't know about you, but that temperature is a bit too low to be comfortable for me. If you agree, keep your thermostat set at an affordable 68°F, and supplement with a space heater to warm up the room you're actually using, be it the home office where you're getting things done or the living room where you're having a movie marathon.

If you're on the market for an excellent space heater, these are some of your best options.