10 Father's Day 2018 Gifts For Your Husband That Will Totally Make Him Cry


Father's Day is just around the corner and that means you're probably scratching your head wondering what to get your dear husband. It's one thing to shop for your own dad, but shopping for the father of your children can be a bit trickier. You want to find a gift that will let him know how appreciated he is and that all the little things he does for your family aren't going unnoticed. That's why we've rounded up these sentimental Father's Day gifts for your husband that'll make him cry, because he'll know just what a great dad you think he is.

Seeing your mate become a father is such a cool transformation to witness. For me, watching my husband become a dad of two girls has completely melted my heart. I love seeing him tie my eldest daughter's hair back into a ponytail and listening to him sing our youngest daughter to sleep. There's nothing like basking in those tender moments. But in all the day-to-day chaos that comes with raising young kids, I sometimes fail to tell my guy that's he's totally crushing it on dad duty. Fortunately, there's a holiday for that! This Father's Day is the perfect time to make all the dads out there feel the love.

Without further ado, here are 10 sentimental Father's Day gifts for your partner. Full disclosure, I cried just putting this list of super sweet gifts together.

For the Dad Who Loves Reading Bedtime Stories

My Dad Loves Me!

Put Me In The Story

If your husband already loves to read your little one books before bed, he'll especially love reading this personalized book by Put Me In The Story. You can add in a photo of him, a special dedication message and the names of your kids who "created" it for him. Plus you can currently get 20 percent off your order using code DAD20.

For the Handy Dad

Tim's Wood Design Custom Engraved Hammer


This gift is perfect for the husband who doubles as a handyman around your home. You can select a font, wood type and engraving style when personalizing the hammer. #Nailedit!

For the On-the-Go Dad

Porter and Hazel Handwriting Custom Snap Keychain


I don't think there is anything cuter than seeing a young child's handwriting. The backward letters and the squeezing in of words — it's so innocent and endearing. Now you capture your child's sweet scrawls by having him or her write a special note for dad and then having it permanently engraved into metal and riveted on to a keychain. Something tells me this is one keychain your hubby will never want to part with.

For the Dad Who Loves Original Art!

Casetify Kids Case


Giving your husband a phone case for Father's Day might not sound that original, but Casetify lets you upload a piece of artwork from your kiddo, and then it turns it into the coolest phone case ever. Even tough guys are guaranteed to tear up unwrapping this sweet gift.

For the On-Time Dad

Wooden Watch | The Gavin Zebrawood + Ebony


This artisanal wooden watch from Havern will feel even more bespoke when you customize a message for your husband on the back. You get to select whether you want it handwritten or engraved, and there's a range of fonts to choose from too.

For the Dad Who Loves Beer

16 Oz Hand Prints Love Dad Etched Glass Beer Mug Stein


I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that a beer-themed gift will always win you big points on Father's Day. Dads and beer just go together. And if you personalize a mug with your kid's names on it, your husband is sure to make it his go-to chalice!

For the Dad Who Loves Keepsakes

What I Love About Dad By Me book

Uncommon Goods

This cute book from Uncommon Goods has 50 sentence starters that you can help your kids fill in about their dad. If you have preschool-aged kids, some of these answers could be truly hilarious.

For the Sentimental Dad

Photo Philosophy Shop Personalized Picture Frame


A framed photo of your husband with your kid(s) is always going to be a hit, but this one with its endearing message is even more precious. You can personalize it with your child's name and choose from a range of color options.

For the Dad In Need of Some Office Art

DAD Personalized Photo Shelf Blocks- Set of 3

Personalization Mall

This is the perfect gift for the dad of three children. You can feature a photo of each child on a block so that together they spell out one of their favorite words: DAD.

For the Dad-to-Be

Emma and the Bean Daddy from the Bump


For the father-to-be, this is sure to be an emotional Father's Day already, but if you gift him with a framed ultrasound photo — forget about it! He's crying for sure.