For The Love Of God, Don’t Buy Dad These Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day is only a few days away. When time starts running out and the pressure is on, it's much harder to come up with a good gift idea. Most of the time, you end up getting Dad something he might need, but doesn't necessarily want. Other times, store displays inspire you to pick out Father's Day gifts your dad definitely doesn't want, but they seemed really cute or funny at the time.

When it comes to picking out the right gift, think of your dad and the kinds of things he likes. Does he enjoy fishing? Then, there's a good chance he will really like a new rod or tackle box, and probably not a taxidermied bass. Does he like to play golf? Cover his green fees and leave the shower curtain printed with a golf course scene on the shelf at the store. Consider introducing him to a new gadget or high-tech device rather than wasting your time and money on novelty gifts from the Father's Day section of the department store.

In case you are still not sure what constitutes a bad gift, here are some things your dad definitely does not want for Father's Day this year.


Anything Inscribed 'Best Dad Ever'

Even if he truly is the best dad ever, he probably won't want to wear a T-shirt or trucker hat to advertise it. These kinds of gifts are cute, but usually end up at the bottom of a drawer or end up only used as pajamas or yard work attire.



No matter how badly he needs them, Dad does not want socks for Father's Day. He especially doesn't want the knee-high white crew socks your mom buys your grandpa each year. You can get him socks on your next grocery run at the Super Target, but do not buy them for Father's Day.


Drugstore Cologne

If it has a pine tree, buck, or sailboat on the bottle, Dad definitely do not want it as part of his cologne collection. Avoid the drugstore body sprays, too. No one wants to smell like a middle school locker room.


Novelty Tie

Put down the Family Guy necktie. Unless Dad regularly wears cheesy, novelty ties, this is definitely a gift that will sit on his tie rack for the rest of eternity (or until Mom does her next closet purge.)


BBQ Apron

Unless Dad is barbecuing in his Sunday clothes, there's a 99 percent chance he won't be wearing that "King Of The Grill" apron you thought was so funny. Instead, he will most likely fish out the "Best Dad Ever" tee from the bottom of the his drawer to grill in.


Nose Hair Trimmer

Sure, Dad might have a few hairs creeping out of his nose or ears, but buying him a nose hair trimmer for Father's Day is equivalent to receiving upper lip hair bleach for Mother's Day. Just don't do it.


Gag Gifts

Avoid gag gifts, especially those that allude to farting. Although they may be funny and relevant, there's a pretty good chance Dad won't wear his "Who farted?" tee out in public, if only because Mom will forbid it. Believe it or not, some dads are sensitive to this kind of stuff. You might just hurt his feelings if you give him one of those toilet sprays to use when poops at someone else's house.



Like socks, underwear is something Dad may need, but definitely doesn't want as a gift. Father's Day is about showing Dad how much you love him, not reminding him that he needs fresh skivvies.


Anything That Has To Be Put Together

If you get Dad that new grill or desk he's been wanting, make sure you build it (or have it built) before giving it to him as a gift. The last thing he wants is to spend his day sorting screws and dowels and deciphering an instruction manual.


Something That Really Isn't For Him

Make sure no matter what you get Dad this year, that the gift is actually for him. Father's Day is not the right time to buy Dad that car seat he needs to pick his grandkid up from daycare.