10 Must-Have Shark Items & Toys To Help You Celebrate Shark Week

A wise man once said, "Live every week like it's Shark Week." That man was Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock, and his words are powerful. While I wholeheartedly believe in living every week like those magical seven days of shark-filled television bliss, I also believe in going all out for the real deal. And Shark Week is here, people. Turn on The Discovery Channel and soak it all up. And then, during commercial breaks, do a little online shopping, like for these 10 funny shark products — guaranteed to take your Shark Week to the next level.

CNN posted the full Shark Week line-up, and the anticipation is building. There will be cameos from Guy Fieri and the stars of Shark Tank! There is Cash Cab: Shark Week Edition! There is a show called Naked and Afraid of Sharks! There is a program (and this is the one I'm most excited for) called Sharkwrecked where, according to The Discovery Channel website, "Paul de Gelder and James Glancy spend 48 hours shipwrecked. With no food, or water, the physical condition worsens, and the risk of shark attack rises. How will the sharks behave? And will the men get attacked?" My adrenaline is pumping just reading the description. The only thing that can make this week even better? Basically any of the products below.


Shark Popper Foam Battle Toy

This toy is similar to a Nerf Gun, but way more fun... because it's a shark. Put one of the foam balls in the shark's mouth and squeeze — the balls can shoot up to 20 feet! Your kids can play outdoors or indoors, because the balls are soft and unlikely to cause damage inside.


Wearable Shark Headlight

How cute is this? Press the little fin to turn on the shark's lights, and you've got your own cuddly headlamp. Wear it inside or outside, and light up the night. Plus, these headlights are super soft and perfectly comfortable to wear.


Aqua Creatures Swim Masks & Water Squirterz

Swimming is a lot more fun for your children when you can transform into the powerful creature they've been watching on TV. These swim masks come in a few different colors and creatures, all with adjustable straps, and the blue shark goggles are perfect for this week. Pick up a matching shark Water Squirterz, which turns into a water gun when you slip it on your wrist.


Plush Shark Sleeping Bag Blanket

How much more fun would a Shark Week sleepover be in this cozy sleeping bag? It comes in either pink or gray, and it's supremely soft. Keep in mind that it's only 44 inches long, so it may not be the right fit for taller kids. These little sleeping bags seem like they'll be perfect for staying up late and watching Shark After Dark.


Shark Dentist Game

I used to play the crocodile version of this game when I was younger, but the shark version is so much more appropriate this week. No matter what age, this game can get your heartbeat up. Take turns pressing down shark teeth — press the wrong one, and he'll snap down on your hand. In this version, his eyes light up and he laughs evilly, making it way better than the old crocodile one.


Shark Cookie Cutter

If you work up an appetite watching sharks violently rip apart various sea creatures, why not bake some shark-shaped cookies? Roll out a tube of cookie dough (or make some from scratch if you're amazing) and stamp out some little sharks with this cookie cutter from Amazon. Add some appetizing gray icing and an M&M eye, and voila — you're at the top of the food chain!


Shark Attack Ceramic Mug

Every time I travel somewhere new, I buy a mug to commemorate the experience. Why not commemorate Shark Week? This fun mug will make you smile every morning — even if you'd rather be attacked by a shark than go to work.


Jawsome Shark Party Game Bingo Cards

Add a little competition to your Shark Week viewing party with these bingo cards. This set comes with 16 cards so unless your party is bigger than that, each guest will get a unique board. Give everyone a game board and a pen, and see who can yell, "Bingo!" first.


Shark Pool Float

Leave the sprinkled donut or swan floats for another day — Shark Week calls for this 4-foot tall shark float. The best part about this one? It looks cool, and it shades you from the sun. His name is Nibbles, and he needs a loving home.


Plush Pillow Shark

Don't let your baby or toddler miss out on the fun of Shark Week. This cuddly, plush shark is a perfect companion for the littlest ones. They can snuggle with their new shark friend while the big kids play shark bingo, make shark cookies, or play shark games. If you haven't figured out yet, Shark Week is fun for the whole family.